Women List Five Things Their Hairdressers Do That They Hate

Women criticize the five things their hairdressers do that they hate: ‘They are classy and only interested in expensive products’

  • Women have revealed the main reasons why they hate going to professional hairdressers
  • Many think the experience is extremely ‘unwelcoming’ and ‘classic’
  • Hairdressers often only recommend expensive products that most cannot afford
  • They also encourage elaborate multi-step routines that are very inaccessible

Women are opening up about why they don’t like their trip to the hairdresser – and many are shocked by how often the “worst” trip occurs.

A woman has sparked a discussion on Reddit’s beauty forum after revealing how “classic” her experiences with online and in-person hairdressers have been.

“Absolutely no disrespect towards hairdressers. I appreciate them so much, and I think some of the content they create on TikTok is good,” she began. “However, I think the barber side of TikTok is classist.”

A New York woman has sparked a discussion on Reddit's beauty forum after revealing how

A New York woman has sparked a discussion on Reddit’s beauty forum after revealing how “classist” her experiences with online and in-person hairstylists have been.

The woman shared a harrowing anecdote where her hairstylist berated her for using “cheap” hair care and instead recommended much more expensive alternatives.

“I use Shea Moisture products because they are one of the few hair care brands that have helped my hair.”

She revealed she has thick, wavy hair – and has been trying to bring out her curl pattern for a while.

“But a hairdresser said the products were bad and unreliable – and recommended a much more expensive brand instead.”

She added, “It seems like most stylists are only interested in products that cost a pretty penny or products that they sell in their salon.”

“It’s extremely frustrating for people who can’t afford these products.”

Many agreed, and more women stepped in to reveal their hairdresser’s pet peeve.

“Hairdresser videos in general drive me crazy,” another revealed. “I don’t understand why the best haired YouTubers are all short-haired or bald men.”

‘They style a wig with “super quick and easy styling that lasts all day” but I need them to put this wig on and cut and dry the back of their head before telling me how much point is easy. Let me see how well that curl or volume lasts on a person’s real hair with natural oils.

The main reasons why women hate hairdressers

  1. Professionals only recommend expensive hair care products that most people can’t afford
  2. Most “top” hairdressers are men who only have experience styling wigs and cannot offer personal insight into hair care
  3. Hairstylists recommend extremely elaborate, multi-step hair care routines that most people cannot follow due to time constraints.
  4. Professionals are extremely hostile when customers reveal they have used canned dye from the supermarket when most professional prices are at least $200.
  5. Stylists advise against using “heat,” but most heatless styling devices cost hundreds of dollars.

She added, “Brad Mondo just made a video where he ‘tried every curling method overnight’ by curling a single hair extension and leaving it on a hanger.”

‘Of course it’s nice to see what kind of curls they all make side by side, but what about the curl pattern? What if we slept in it? And the frizz?

Another claimed that women’s channels had “overly elaborate” and “expensive” routines.

“They literally take care of their hair as a job – so obviously they have time and money for that, but it’s very disconnected from what most people can do.”

A woman was upset that haircare chains only had 'over-elaborate' and 'expensive' routines that most people couldn't reach

A woman was upset that haircare chains only had ‘over-elaborate’ and ‘expensive’ routines that most people couldn’t reach

Many women were upset by the hostility they received after admitting to using box dye on their hair.

“The amount of crap you get for using box dye or bleaching your hair yourself is unreal. I don’t have hundreds of dollars but I still want to change my look.

“I refuse to go to the salon,” revealed another. “My hairdresser was complimenting my hair, telling me it was extremely healthy and asking who did the color – only to make it look like she was in physical pain after I said it was a $3 dye from the supermarket.”

Another point that many agreed on was the lack of accessibility to heat-free hair care.

“Heatless curls are simple – but I can’t air dry my hair as it gets extremely frizzy, and heatless dryers – like the Dyson – are out of my price range.”


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