Why this Italian fashion boutique is a must this winter

Surrounded by the majestic snow-capped Alps, Milan is utterly romantic in winter. And with fewer tourists this season, you can easily spend your days exploring Italy’s fashion capital, from its iconic monuments and museums to its many designer boutiques, without the typical crowds. But if you really want to dress up that dreamy getaway, Italian knit boutique Malo, renowned for its envy-worthy cashmere, is a must visit. The brand’s new winter collection is a treasure trove of buttery soft pieces designed in classic minimalist styles for the ultimate cold-weather splurge.

Handmade and hand-embroidered with the finest Italian thread – each piece is like a work of art to wear – oh so comfy maxi cardigans, on-trend sweaters, chic dresses and more. We spoke with Malo Nancy Marchini on the inspiration behind the new luxury line and the meticulous craftsmanship that have made the brand an Italian favorite for over five decades.

How would you describe the new collection and what was the inspiration? The new “Authentic Charme” winter collection is a tribute to natural beauty, the essential that makes you look and feel beautiful. Just like Malo itself where the unique charm and enchanting details of our pieces speak for themselves. They are limited pieces with a timeless style, to be transmitted over time.

We imagine the collection living perfectly in the ‘less is more’ style of minimalist, modern New York lofts, or luxurious northern European apartments with large, bright spaces, but steeped in Italy’s rich history.

How does Italy inspire the designs and materials of the collection? Everything we produce tastes like Italy and we are extremely proud of that. We are an Italian company with over 50 years of history, the first to introduce cashmere yarn in Italy. Our knitwear products are made in Malo, where the Italian traditions of knitting art have remained intact for more than five decades. Malo in Latin means “to prefer” or to know how to choose something special.

How would you describe the color palette? The winter collection follows the brand’s signature milky white hues (Malo has been dubbed the “white knight of cashmere”). The palette also includes timeless greys, blues, beiges and various shades of brown combined with other seasonal tones.

Can you share more details about the textures/materials? We always use the finest natural cashmere yarn, ‘blanc pour blanc’, derived from hircus goats kept on the cold Mongolian plateaus which, thanks to the harsh winter temperatures, create that warm and soft undercoat. In addition to cashmere, we use soft wool, silk blended with cashmere and other fine fabrics.

Describe the process and how long it takes to create each piece. Each piece begins with a handmade sketch by the designer, followed by many stages of care and attention. Malo has kept the old historic mechanical looms within its production facilities. This slow weaving process allows the yarn to be unstressed when creating soft, high quality knits.

The sequence phases take place manually, hours and hours to “assemble” the sweaters and create a single garment. Even the washing and ironing phases are carried out with dedicated staff and certified eco-sustainable products.

As if you needed any more excuses for an epic shopping spree in Milan, check out the full collection online… and prepare your wardrobe for the ultimate Italian souvenir.

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