Why Cillian Murphy hated her haircut on Peaky Blinders

Through the course of the Peaky Blinders‘ six seasons, the show took audiences through an impeccable journey showing style over the past century, from the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression to the World War II era.

It is fascinating that the particular style of the series connects with lovers of modern fashion, especially since the characters of Peaky Blinders lived a century ago.

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A large number of fans fell in love with the costume of the characters in the series which included three-piece suits with flat-billed caps and haircuts dating back to World War I.

The show’s popularity inspired a revival of classic menswear from the 1920s. With varied characters and a timeline that spans decades, the show features some phenomenal fashion statements.

Despite having the best fashion on the show, one actor seems to hate his overall look. Irish actor, 46, Cillian Murphy has revealed his disapproval over his haircut on the show. So why did the actor hate his hairstyle on Peaky Blinders?

Cillian Murphy hates her hairstyle on Peaky Blinders

Cillian Murphy on Peaky Blinders walking the streets
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Historical drama series Peaky Blinders is set in 1920s Birmingham. The detective series is widely known for its remarkable well-dressed characters that create a massive following. Peaky Blinders is such a show and loved by fans that they even wanted to mimic the show’s 1920s outfit, including the hairstyle of the casts.

But it turns out the star Peaky Blinders himself, Cillian Murphy playing Tommy Shelby, hates his trademark haircut on the show. The actor who has performed the role since 2013 reveals his dislike of his famous haircut. He doesn’t particularly hate it, but he’s just used to having long hair.

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Fans apparently love the haircut and Murphy is surprised that everyone seems to have developed a thing for it. During his 2017 interview, he told Shortlist “But people love the undercut thing; people go to the barber and ask for a “Peaky cut”. It’s crazy that people like it, it hasn’t pushed me for four years now. I normally keep my hair long.

He continued: “Do you realize people in turtlenecks in Hackney with that haircut, do they realize it was done that way to prevent lice? Tell ’em they got lice cut , see what they say then.”

Peaky Blinders style was based on early 20th century clichés

Costume designer Stephanie Collie is the one who conceptualized the style of the series. She had a huge contribution to costume castings with fellow designers Lorna Marie Mugan, Alexandra Caulfield and Alison McCosh.

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The show took the world by storm and influenced the wardrobes of fans everywhere. the Peaky Blinders the figures are particularly suited to the inspiration of contemporary style, while avoiding the flashiest and most ostentatious elements of the early 20th century. The team roughly based the show’s costume on early 20th-century criminal cliches.

Costume designer Stephanie Collie told Esquire “You could see everything in so much detail: the cufflinks, the tie pins, the textures.” She thinks the reason why the show’s costume was a big hit among fans is because every Englishman subconsciously wanted to wear a costume. She commented “Because deep down I think every Englishman wants to wear a suit.”

The creators of Peaky Blinders made sure to monetize the show’s clamor

Cillian Murphy on the set of Peaky Blinders
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Despite Peaky Blinders‘ star Cillian Murphy’s indifference to her haircut, the folks behind the show are pleased with the audience’s response. Even football icon David Beckham loves Tommy Shelby’s overall style, which resulted in an official Peaky Blinders –inspired clothing and merchandise.

Peaky Blinders‘ creator Steven Knight happily explained “David is a huge fan, as is his son, and they approached us and said they wanted to do a Peaky Blinders range of capsules… At the end of the fourth series, it became very obvious around the world that something was going on. That’s when we started looking at a full line of products.”

It has been reported that David Beckham has contacted the producers of Peaky Blinders collaborate. Beckham wanted to release a new collection based on the style of the show through her Kent & Curwen fashion label. The collection was unveiled at the Menswear show at London Fashion Week in 2019. Peaky Blinders collection consisted of carrot pants, waistcoats, woolen overcoats, grandfather shirts and flat caps.

David Beckham isn’t the only celebrity to love the show’s 1920s style. Actress Kristen Bell and husband Dax Shepard loved the show so much they decided to dress like the Birmingham gang and posted it on the actress’ Instagram page with the caption “Peaky Party fully effective on the racetrack”.

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