What to Know About Super Sized Salon’s Jamie Lopez, Dead at 37

Jamie Lopez, best known for appearing on the WE TV show Super large living room, is dead. The reality TV star has died aged 37 from heart complications. Super large living roomJamie Lopez was the founder and owner of Babydoll Beauty Couture. Jamie Lopez’s death shocked all his fans and followers when it was officially announced via Instagram on Monday. Keep scrolling for more details on Jamie’s painful death and its impact on the plus size community.

Babydoll Beauty Couture announces the death of Super Sized Salon’s Jamie Lopez

“On behalf of the Babydoll Beauty Couture team, we regret to announce, with great sorrow, the passing of the founder and owner of Babydoll Beauty Couture, the legendary Jamie Lopez”, the beauty salon wrote about Jamie alongside a series of photos of their founder.

The salon also thanked all of its customers and supporters by post. However, they have requested time and privacy to process the loss of the legendary Jamie. The message ended with a special appreciation to the staff and team of Matador content and the WE television program.

Why Super Sized Salon Season 1 Was A Success

After Jamie’s passing, it was revealed that she was preparing to film the show’s second season. Given that it was the first of its kind, the first season, which aired on WE TV in July 2022, caught the attention of many plus-size people. The first season was a complete success. The show didn’t just detail the entire journey from Jamie’s all-body beauty clinic to Las Vegas, Nevada. It also showcased both workers and customers at the show. This is one of the reasons fans loved the reality show.

How Jamie started her beauty salon

The reality TV star first started out as a makeup artist. In an interview with Beauty Yahoo in 2017, Jamie revealed why and how she started her business. She said in the interview that the lack of salons in Las Vegas that offered services for her hair and nails gave her the idea to start her business. Jamie added that it was particularly difficult to find a place to beautify because of her size.

Jamie also said that she was quite upset that she was abused because of her size. Therefore, she decided to open her beauty salon to change things and make other women like her feel comfortable and accepted.

Jamie was determined to follow her dream

Jamie started her business while confined to a wheelchair due to her size. She weighed 846 pounds at the time. However, she remained determined to open her dream salon, which catered to the beauty needs of tall women. It was after opening her salon that she lost weight. The WE TV series followed the development of the Las Vegas salon and her incredible 400-pound weight loss journey. It also captured the unforgettable moment when she was able to walk into the living room for the first time.

Jamie had a good relationship with June “Mama June” Shannon

Jamie’s living room was a favorite of fellow reality TV star June “Mama June” Shannon. Mama June and her two daughters appeared on Super large living room in its inaugural season. In the show’s fourth episode, she received a makeover which included a hairdo at a salon and bonded with Jamie over her pain at the time. Jamie told mum June how much pain she had to deal with. She also revealed how her family abandoned her and her then-boyfriend cheated on her.

In subsequent episodes of the show, Jamie and Mama June bonded even more. They discussed Jamie’s weight loss options. Jamie revealed to Mama June that she was considering gastric surgery to help her lose weight.

Super large living roomThe death of Jamie Lopez was painful and we will miss her dearly. But, as of now, it’s unclear whether or not the reality show will continue without her.

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