What Happened To John And Lonnie Hambrick After My 600 Pound Life Season 8

John and Lonnie Hambrick came to My 600-Lb Life to change their lives and lose weight. Their lives have changed since they left the show.

John and Lonnie Hambrick are another brother duo to feature on My 600 pound life, and they have been doing well since their time on the show. My 600 pound life shows how people weighing an average of 600 pounds, usually more, come to see Dr. Now to begin their weight loss journey. The brothers were estranged entering the show, and Dr. Now focused on the psychology associated with food addiction, as much as the gastric sleeve surgery his patients have to undergo.


John and Lonnie have had quite an interesting weight loss journey. Unlike the Assanti brothers in My 600 pound life season 5, they were each other’s support system throughout their 12-month journey on the show. John came on the show weighing 687 pounds, while Lonnie weighed 613 pounds. According to Reality Titbit, John lost a total of 294 pounds and weighed 393 pounds at the end of his run on the show. On the other hand, Lonnie lost a total of 245 pounds and weighed 368 pounds at the end of his 12 month journey. The brothers helped each other with their weight loss programs, which started with admitting that their weight was preventing them from living the life they wanted.

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John and Lonnie visit Dr Now after 2 years

After John and Lonnie met Dr. Now, the brothers moved on with their lives. Lonnie is a hairstylist in Texas, according to his social media posts. He seems very happy and enjoying his new life. Lonnie talks about going to the gym and seems to have gone through his weight loss routine. He has a more active social media status than John, and it appears he has a partner named Richard Gavadin. From Lonnie’s Instagram, it looks like the brothers recently visited Dr. Now. Lonnie posted the photo they took when they wrapped filming about two years ago, alongside a photo from their recent visit. Fans have commented on how far their weight loss journey has come and it’s definitely one of the most inspiring journeys on My 600 pound life.

John, on the other hand, seems to have found himself a coaching job. He is a football coach in a school district. Lonnie shared this in an Instagram post, where he also explained that John has always had a deep love and connection to the sport. He blew the train horn for 14 years, on a touchdown or an important moment in the game. Even before John’s weight loss transformation, he would sit and blow his horn.

Fans gushed about how good the brothers looked today. They remember the story of John and Lonnie because the two brothers clearly understood what the other was going through and pushed each other to succeed. Both John and Lonnie lead fairly successful lives after their time at My 600 pound life.

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Source: Reality Titbit, Lonnie Hambrick/Instagram

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