‘Wednesday’ Costume Designer Reveals How Jenna Ortega’s Alaïa Dress

American coming-of-age supernatural comedy horror television series based on the character Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family. Created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, it stars Jenna Ortega as the title character, with Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzmán, Isaac Ordonez, Gwendoline Christie, Riki Lindhome, Jamie McShane, Fred Armisen and Christina Ricci appearing in roles Support. Four of the eight episodes are directed by Tim Burton, who also serves as executive producer. It revolves around the titular character, who tries to solve a monster mystery at his school, “Wednesday” is already on its way to becoming one of the most-watched Netflix series of all time.

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According WWDA November 7 streaming platform report said the show had become the third most-watched English-language television title in network history.

“Wednesday,” which was released Nov. 23, stars Jenna Ortega in the lead role and is based on the original Addams Family comic books, created in 1938 by cartoonist Charles Addams. The spin-off show is lightly inspired by the 1991 film “Addams Family,” which starred a young Christina Ricci as Wednesday.

Since then, The Addams Family hasn’t seen many style iterations, but in this new series, lead costume designer Colleen Atwood has reimagined the female characters through a modern lens, while paying homage to their original connections. .

When designing Wednesday’s character, Atwood used the show’s storyline of a new, more colorful setting as a way to amplify Wednesday’s dark aesthetic even further.

“The show opened with [Jenna Ortega] sort of a nod to the expected Wednesday,” Atwood said. “We made the collar a bit more pointy, the dress a bit different from the previous one, and paired it with more contemporary, awkward shoes to put it aside. It was placed in an environment that was really different from what you had seen before. All that color around her made her look a little darker and a little more offbeat.

Atwood incorporated changes to Wednesday’s signature hairstyle and created new outfits outside of the character’s typical schoolgirl look.

“We gave her bangs to soften her up and make her more ‘today’ that way,” Atwood explained. “Once she got into off-campus casual wear, it opened up, making a young Wednesday Addams approachable and a real girl rather than this iconic character.”

Atwood’s Gen Z rendition of Wednesday Addams includes black hoodies, knit sweaters and striped polo tees.

When it came to designing looks for Addams Family matriarch Morticia, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, Atwood went through many design changes before finding the perfect look.

“I made the dress in two or three fabrics before I really got it the way I wanted it — I was trying to get it out of the jersey vibe,” Atwood said. “I tried it in leather, satin and a few other materials, but went back to jersey because its weight, drape and what I could do with it was the best bet.”

Atwood bonded the jersey dress fabric with metallic fabric to offset the typical black dress the character is known to wear. “It kind of brought Morticia to a more real, more ‘mommy’ place. I mean, she’s a mother.

Other notable fashion moments in the series come from new characters, including Larissa Weams, the headmistress of Nevermore Academy, played by Gwendoline Christie. Earlier this month, Christie told ‘Entertainment Weekly’ that her role in the recent Netflix series was her first time feeling “beautiful” on screen.

“I met Gwendoline and I had this poster in my 60s bird saloon and it was Tippy Hedren with her hairstyle up in that high collar. I said, ‘Somehow I see you in this world.’ Then we parted ways because I thought it was Weems in this small town, that no matter where in the world she was, she would always look good,” Atwood said. “She and I really collaborated. We gave it a more 60s shape with a harder waistline.

As for the new series’ most memorable moment, Ortega as Wednesday can be seen rocking and dancing in a puffy gothic dress to The Cramps’ song “Goo Goo Muck.” The quirky dance has gone viral on TikTok, scoring over 14.2 million views from the network’s official account. Lady Gaga, dressed in Valentino, shared her version Thursday on TikTok and received nearly 3 million views overnight.

Atwood pondered how to custom design a vintage-inspired ballgown for the ‘Raven’ school dance scene, but ended up buying it from Alaïa on London’s Bond Street.

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Sources: WWD

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