Wedding entertainment ideas that will wow your guests

A wedding is the perfect occasion to throw the ultimate party for all your family and friends. It’s a great opportunity to bring people together and have a wonderful time surrounded by love and warm wishes. For all the bride and groom looking to make their day extra special for themselves and their guests, a few wedding entertainment ideas will trigger that wow factor! Here are the best ideas to incorporate into the agenda if you find that appeals to you.

Check with the venue first

Before booking anything, it is essential to check with your establishment. Ask them what they will and won’t allow on their property. Some locations may have restrictions for insurance purposes, while others may want to avoid creating a giant mess or may have noise restrictions due to local community factors. So whether you’ve booked a rustic wedding venue or your wedding is on a beach, remember to put the entertainment in front of the coordinator so you don’t waste time and money.

Hearth and S’mores

Fire pit and s'mores

Portable fire pits are easy to find and can be used for a variety of fun activities, from making more to singing and hanging out with friends. They provide a source of warmth for parties that last until the evening hours and are an ambience inspired place to sit as they add beauty and peace to any decor. Have some clear fire safety tips that people can’t miss, and consider bringing in a fire safety officer to supervise just in case.



Fireworks are always a popular wedding entertainment option. However, some sites no longer allow them due to noise and disturbance to nearby wildlife or residents. If you want a big fireworks display, these are always welcomed by guests! Opt to hire a professional company, so you don’t have to navigate logistics or risk anyone’s safety on your big day.

live painter

live painter

Photos are great and absolutely encouraged for that special occasion, but have you ever heard of a living painter? This relatively new craze is spreading fast, and it’s easy to see why! They take a screenshot in the artistic form of your night, whatever special moment you like. So your first dance together as a married couple can be immortalized in a beautiful portrait to treasure as a treasured keepsake. Live painters can also stay on throughout the party to do portraits and photos of the guests, as well as a cute and meaningful keepsake for everyone in attendance.


magician wedding entertainment idea

Something mysterious captures the imagination and attention when it comes to magicians. People will love to experience magic tricks, whether through a show or a walk. Hundreds of magician services cater specifically to weddings, so you’ll know well what works and what doesn’t.

casino tables

A casino table is a niche outlet strictly for adults only! However, it proved to be a versatile and fun way to entertain guests throughout the night. It doesn’t have to be for the money, although some couples choose to stick to the traditional rules of the table. There are also several game options to choose from, and you can even hire official dealers to run the games as well.

Bouncy castle

Why not go back to childhood and pull out all the stops with an adult bouncy castle? These are usually there all night and collected in the morning, so it’s endless fun for you and your guests. The images will be both hilarious and amazing, and it’s sure to spark some competition too!

Ice Cream and Sweets Stands

Sweets are a must, but everyone has their own style. Whether you have a wedding cake or not, renting a mobile candy stand like ice cream or confectionery style will be extremely fun for your guests.

costume contest

If you want something completely different, try a costume contest! It works for all ages and can also be for any theme.

There are hundreds of ways to entertain guests at weddings. It’s all about spending time together and celebrating the happy couple, but it never hurts to have something ready for entertainment purposes too.

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