We now have major hair goals thanks to the short hairstyles of these famous black women

African American celebrity hairstyles have covered the entire spectrum, from gorgeous natural textures and colors to platinum highlights and straight hair. The most famous black celebrity hairstyles have always been an inspiration for new hair trends. Short cuts are simple to maintain and maintain unlike long hairstyles.

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Women with short hair save both time and money because they don’t have to spend a lot of energy and resources maintaining their hairstyle, but that doesn’t mean it won’t look fantastic – like evidenced by the growing number of celebrities with short hair. Unsurprisingly, women with a lot on their plate often choose short hairstyles because of their practicality. If you’re looking for trendy short hairstyles inspired by black celebrities, we’ve rounded up the most popular and timeless short hairstyles to choose from.


8/8 Eva Marcille Platinum Pixie

Try a daring cut and color it in a bright shade like with Eva Marcille’s platinum pixie. This platinum hue contrasts strikingly with dark skin tones. Following this style can be demanding due to the emphasis on specific colors and cuts. Dark roots will add a bold look, so you won’t have to worry about touching up the shade immediately, even if they come on quickly.


7/8 Mary J. Blige side-swept blonde

Mary J. Blige, another famous person whose short blonde hair is instantly recognizable, has tried several different looks over the years. Her many hairstyles include a bob with curls, straight hair and platinum highlights. This slightly side swept style is quite feminine and draws attention to her pretty face. The fundamental concept behind this style is something short and sassy, ​​best suited to a long face, and achieved with bang waves and a side swept part. This hairstyle requires a strong hold product to keep it in place all day, and regular trims are essential to keep it looking and feeling healthy.

6/8 Gabrielle Union’s Timeless Shaggy Bob

With her ability to pull off any short hairstyle, from a side-swept pixie to a wavy lob to a blunt center-parted bob and an asymmetrical cut on each side, actress Gabrielle Union has won the title of queen of the short hairstyle. The actress appears both fresh and timeless with her shaggy bob. This short cut flatters oval and heart-shaped faces as the tapered back frames the face.

5/8 Messy Bob by Taraji P. Henson

On and off the red carpet, Taraji P. Henson has never been afraid to experiment with new hair colors, cuts and styles. The celebrity and creator of hair care products TPH By Taraji admitted that she often gets bored with her natural hair and feels the need to experiment with different styles. This short, messy bob worn by Taraji P. Henson exudes an air of sexiness. The bias cut brings out her highlights and highlights her collarbone. Her style is complete with the addition of soft, sassy bangs that frame her face.

4/8 Danai Gurira’s tapered afro

Actress Danai Gurira is a trendsetter in every sense of the word, thanks to her versatility as a style icon and her love for short, natural haircuts in both casual and elegant settings, including on the carpet red. Like Danai, many black women, especially those who desire a more natural look, cut their hair short and wear it in a cute afro. Plus, more and more companies are launching collections specifically designed for curly hair, which means you have more options than ever to maintain your hair’s health and define your curls.

3/8 Kat Graham’s Black Bob Haircut with Blunt Bangs

Kat Graham looks effortlessly amazing, thanks to her alluring short hairstyle. This stylish bob haircut is suitable for any event. The main advantage of this haircut is that it works well with different face shapes. Although the bangs are substantial enough to hide the eyes from the outside world, they are styled to the side so that the face is relatively bare, which brings out the eyes, chin and lips. This style doesn’t require a lot of styling time, but you will need to use a product to tame flyaways. You will need to remove contact lenses, as glasses will not suffice with this outfit.

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2/8 Jennifer Hudson’s Black Pixie Cut with Swept Bangs

Jennifer Hudson looks pretty chic with her new short and sweet cut. Cut closer to the top, the jet black is left longer and more wispy in the back and sides for textural contrast. Her beautiful wide eyes are highlighted by the asymmetry of her haircut, which is complemented by her slightly curly bangs. These short, side-parted bangs accentuate Jennifer’s beautiful eyes and complement her expressive features. In style, you get a sleek, lifted crown and roots for a modern, sophisticated look that’s especially flattering on women.

1/8 Solange Knowles Afro Curly Hairstyle

Ideal for those with a tight natural curl, this large round is graduated in the back then stacked evenly around the back and sides. This style works wonders for those born with naturally curly hair and only requires minimal upkeep every four to six weeks to keep it looking great. Layers have been cut into this naturally thick mane to provide even shape and volume.

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