Victim of Jeffrey Epstein, 22, put on lithium, received anti-aging face masks and said she weighed less than 115 pounds.

A young woman who spent around six months in Jeffrey Epstein’s orbit says the pedophile was in control of most aspects of his life.

In recently unsealed court documents, Sarah Ransome said she was introduced to Epstein in late 2006 after being approached by one of his associates at a club. This woman’s name is redacted in the court documents.

Ransome said in a 2016 deposition that shortly after that meeting, she traveled with Epstein to his private island, moved into one of his New York apartments, and began treatment with his psychiatrist, who did not. been identified.

“Jeffrey’s psychiatrist prescribed me lithium, Ritalin, and there’s a medication of bipolar description that was also prescribed to me by Jeffrey Epstein’s psychiatrist,” Ransome said in his deposition. “I don’t remember the exact name of this bipolar drug. But I started with lithium and Ritalin.

However, the lithium proved to be a problem for Epstein, who Ransome said was not a fan of a common side effect of the drug – weight gain.

Ransome said her weight quickly became a constant topic of conversation, with Epstein and his longtime girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell telling the 5’8″ model that she should weigh less than 115 pounds.

“Weight was a huge issue for Ghislaine and Jeffrey, so lithium just wasn’t working for me. I mean, I put on weight pretty quickly,” Ransome explained.

She went on to recall the night it all came to a head during a trip to Little St. James, one of Epstein’s two private islands in the US Virgin Islands.

“I don’t remember the specific conversation, how it happened. We argued about my weight, quite a heated argument,” Ransome recounted. “I remember he overheated and I ran away and tried to swim off the island. I wanted to get as far away from Jeffrey and Ghislaine as possible.

Maxwell and Epstein assembled a search party, Ransome said, and managed to find her before she left the island.

Once recaptured, Ransome received special permission from Maxwell to smoke, having been forced to quit because Epstein did not approve of the habit. “Jeffrey wasn’t allowed to know we smoked,” Ransome said.

According to Ransome, Epstein was not just focusing on the weight of these women.

“You know we had to look a certain way for Jeffrey. So if you put on a little bit of weight or, say, my hairstyle wasn’t the right one, Jeffrey likes his girls to look a certain way,” Ransome said. “So, for example, there was one occasion where Jeffrey didn’t like my hair, and Ghislaine told me to change it.”

Epstein even controlled how these women dressed and the beauty products they used on the island, Ransome said. “All the outfits – there were clothes provided on the island by Jeffrey Epstein, which were all Victoria’s Secret clothes: bikinis, nightgowns,” Ransome said.

Victoria’s Secret was owned by former client and friend of Epstein, Les Wexner, who claims he severed ties with his former chief financial officer in 2006.

Epstein, a self-proclaimed billionaire, may have gone to the middle of the market with the clothes he provided, but that was certainly not the case with the skincare he stocked on Little St. James.

“So Jeffrey provided cosmetics for all the girls. We had to do our best,” Ransome explained in his deposition. “So it was a Crème de la Mer face mask that he regularly gave to the girls and their skin looked great.”

She added, “We had high-end cosmetics available to us in our bathroom.”

Crème de la Mer makes three masks: a lifting and firming mask that costs $300 for 1.7 oz, a revitalizing mask that costs $200 for 2.5 oz, and a micro peel that costs $270 for 1 oz. of product.

All three are intended to fight the signs of aging and leave the skin “revitalised”, “restored” or “rejuvenated”.

Ransome said she eventually found herself banned by Epstein and given a one-way ticket to South Africa. She could fly back, Esptein and Maxwell told her, when her weight dropped to less than 115 pounds.

When she returned to South Africa, she cut all ties. Then, in 2016, she agreed to share her story to support Virginia Giuffre, another victim of Epstein, in her lawsuit against Maxwell.

This lawsuit stems from a 2015 statement in which Maxwell called Giuffre a liar when she went public with allegations that she was sexually assaulted by Epstein and Maxwell. Giuffre responded to this statement with a civil suit, accusing Maxwell of slander and defamation.

This case was settled in 2017, on the eve of a trial in Federal Court. The subsequent unsealing of court records and documents from that case in the years that followed led to new charges being brought against Epstein and Maxwell by federal prosecutors.

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