UDA Senator Karen Nyamu has decided to call it quits with baby daddy Samidoh Muchoki

After a drama-filled night that saw Senator Karen Nyamu of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) trending for much of the weekend, the mother-of-three has decided to cut ties with her baby daddy Samidoh Muchoki.

Nyamu in a series of Instagram stories said she was not ashamed of her actions and did not regret the events of the previous night, but vowed not to be involved in similar situations to the coming.

The named senator further said that she is aware of her position in leading the country, noting that her drama puts her in the hot seat as a senator.

“You know guys, I have no regrets about last night, I don’t wish I had done things differently. I promise you though, this is the last time your daughter will be involved in a situation like this. .

“I am very fortunate to have the honor and responsibility to lead this country. Being the people’s representative in parliament is an opportunity that I cherish and take very seriously,” Nyamu said.

The senator said her decision to cut her baby daddy was way too late, insisting she didn’t like the drama.

Nyamu however said that she is ready to be someone else’s co-wife in the future.

“I made a conscious decision to permanently end my involvement with the father of my babies and now ex Samidoh Muchoki. I know I could have called him and ended the relationship quietly, but I decided to make it as public as the drama and controversy have been.

“I don’t like drama and I don’t destroy houses. I am however still open to finding a great co-wife in the future,” wrote Senator Nyamu.

Ancient Kameme TV and K24 Hairstylist Jony Hairdesigner has blasted the Size 8 gospel singer for canceling it because he was a member of the LGBTQ community.

The cross-dressing hair designer has accused Size 8 of allegedly judging him based on his posts on his social media pages.

He asked where he openly said he was a member of the LGBTQ community, adding that it was hypocritical for the gospel singer to call it off when she too was a sinner.

“True story like, the so-called ‘gospel ladies’ apparently canceled me on the basis that I’m ‘gay’ from the things I post here”, says Jony.

Jony pointed out that he was religious, adding that if Size 8 did not want to associate with him, she would also have to leave her husband DJ Mo, who has already been accused of being unfaithful in their marriage.

“I am a believer in Christ and one thing I know is that God is just and loving. He has supported and lifted me up all my life, so if someone doesn’t want to associate with sinners, they might as well leave their adulterous partner. The real question though, how can you judge based on someone’s sexuality? » Jony retorted.

The barber said everyone was a sinner, including the gospel singer who he said didn’t have a direct ticket to heaven.

The model and daughter of singer Akothee Rue Baby is overjoyed after buying her first car.

Rue Baby on her Instagram page celebrated the big step by saying it was the first step she took into adulthood.

“My first adult milestone! Seriously, I can’t believe she’s mine!! Merry Christmas to me 🥰🥰 We’re going great together,” she noted.

The new acquisition has delighted friends and family of the actress who has received dozens of congratulatory messages.

“Weee Okey so everyone in this house is on wheels 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Congratulations my queen aaah,” said Akothée.

Her sister Vesha Okello also shared her joy at her sister’s achievement saying “Congratulations my love, new baby in town 😍😍.”

US-based Kenyan comedian Elsa Majimbo is no longer a single woman after introducing her boyfriend to the world.

Majimbo on his Instagram celebrated his partner by praising him for being a great partner and expressing his undying love to him.

“To my darling love…thank you for bringing me so much happiness, love, joy. Thank you for showing me what love looks like. Thank you for doing my hair, playing chess with me and buying me things (my favorites), I love you so much 🥺💗”, Majimbo wrote.

Majimbo’s post was accompanied by photos and videos of them spending time together.

It was a great year for Majimbo who celebrated different wins throughout the year. In July 2022, Majimbo acquired an apartment in Los Angeles, California after 12 months of searching for an ideal property.

“After looking for a house in LA for a year, I got the place 🥳🥳🥳🥳 A new home and a happy daughter,” noted Majimbo when announcing the good news.

The award-winning actor and TV presenter updated his fans on the unfortunate developments from his hospital bed on Thursday morning, stating that she had been ill for several days.

Matubia could be seen strapped to a blood pressure monitor although she appeared to be in stable condition.

She has not disclosed details of her illness or the treatment she is undergoing.

“Healthy. I had the toughest two days,” Matubia captioned a video from the hospital which she shared with her Instagram followers.

Self-proclaimed African pop star Nadia Mukami is set to launch a new business in Nairobi CBD along Koinange Street over the weekend.

The famous singer and songwriter took to Instagram to share the happy news with her followers while unveiling the official logo for the upcoming Deluxe Mall beauty salon.

The logo has a fancy N for Nadia, the tagline reading glamor at its finest. The singer also shared the show page which already has 2,000 subscribers.

Many fans congratulated her on the big move, others asked if they could find a job while many pledged to support her business.

It was a good year for Nadia, who broke down barriers in the music industry and improved herself in every way she could.

In January, she signed her first artist Latinoh aka King of Love, under Seven Creative Hub, her label. This was after announcing that she wanted to expand her empire by signing new talent.

Citizen television News anchor Jeff Koinange has announced that he is taking a break from screens for a while.

Jeff on his Twitter page told his fans that he would be taking a break as he appreciated his fans for their support and wished them happy holidays.

“My friends, I’m going to be leaving these streets for a few weeks and didn’t want to do it without wishing each of you and your families happy holidays and all the BEST as we end one year and start another!

“God bless you all and THANK YOU as always for your love and support!!” Jeff wrote.

Jeff’s announcement comes as the media industry faces changes that see companies downsize in a bid to stay afloat.

Major media including Standard Group, Nation Media Group, Radio Africa and Capital FM announced mass layoffs.

Influencer and content creator Azziad Nasenya may soon be residing on another continent after hinting that she will move abroad.

Azziad revealed that it had been part of her plans for a long time, but setbacks have constantly brought her back to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking to Mungai Eve, the sassy influencer said she wasn’t sure if she wanted to leave the country, but time would tell if she was going to move.

“I was actually supposed to move after form four and then something happened and I had to stay, then 2020, then covid came, you remember it was closed, then I went viral.”

“I don’t know, I think time will tell because you know that over time we keep living and our paths keep changing,” she noted.

The 21-year-old mentioned that she had built a strong brand in Kenya and that moving should be for a bigger reason.

She noted that she was due to be away longer but was forced to return early due to work demands.

“I came back two days ago – Saturday – I wasn’t supposed to but I got a job ilifaa nirudi, and then in the middle I was supposed to be here.”

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