Trump is now selling his own superhero NFTs

Watch what people support to stay relevant. One way to do this, in today’s society, is to jump on the bandwagon of technology, such as so-called NFTs.

If it ever occurred to you to hang out at a posh resort and National Historic Landmark in Palm Beach, Florida and have a one-on-one with a former US President, then this this is your chance.

But first, you’ll need to purchase a $99 NFT. What type of NFT, you might ask? A Donald Trump NFT!

Now wait a minute. Isn’t this the same guy who said Bitcoin is a scam? Yes, it is.

Image: FastCompany

Former United States President Donald Trump, who once had a low opinion of cryptocurrencies and described them as potentially “imminent doom,” made what he called an “important announcement” on Thursday.

“Hello everyone, this is Donald Trump, hopefully your favorite president of all time,” the former US commander-in-chief said in a promotional video.

“Better than Lincoln, better than Washington, with a big announcement,” he added.

Trump Superhero NFTs unveiled on his own social app

Trump took to his Truth Social app this week to tease the NFT launch featuring the real estate mogul in various outfits and weird fantasy scenarios, like a Trump-branded “Superman” costume while releasing a heat beam deadly from his eyes.

To attend a “gala dinner” with Trump in Florida, all people have to do is buy 45 digital Trump trading cards, and they’re “guaranteed” of a seat. However, the initiative’s website clearly states that winners are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs (how disappointing).

“Here’s one of the best parts,” Trump says in the promotional video. Each NFT card comes with an automatic chance to win amazing prizes, “like dinner with me!”

Now, some people might be wondering what the subject would look like over dinner:

Ask the former Oval Office tenant if he thinks Boris Johnson’s hairstyle is hipper than his?

Or, if being portrayed as Deadpool in his NFT campaign would have been more appropriate? (Wasn’t this all supposed to be a joke? No?)

Crypto total market cap at $808 billion. | Chart:

On jokes, NFTs and crypto destroying the world

Seriously now.

Trump can’t be so broke to be shilling NFTs. No. We may have an idea of ​​what they are used for. And he’s taking another shot at the presidency. NFTs are a great way to entertain the masses and it has its own social app to sell the drama. Go figure.

So this guy with the white pompadour said he doesn’t think “we should have all the bitcoins in the world there” and “the currency should be dollars” shouldn’t be taken seriously now, n ‘is this not ?

People change their minds and that’s his right.

Meanwhile, Trump says his NFTs “make a great gift this Christmas,” and he accepts credit card and Ethereum payments.

Crypto is a scam and impending doom.

Yes indeed.

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