Trigun Stampede Episode 2: A Returning Character Reimagined and What We Think

Image: Yasuhiro Nightow, SHONENGAHOSHA

Stampede Trigun is one of the best looking anime in years, a cleverly animated retelling of a 1990s classic. It focuses on the story of Vash the Stampede, a goofy protagonist who idealizes peace and protects the people around him, while attracting chaos wherever he goes. The series is beautiful, funny, and contains awesome action while promising increasingly dark developments as the story progresses. Although the series looks great overall, Stampede Trigun Episode 2 unveiled the revamped version of Father Nebraska, and it’s an interesting choice, to say the least.

Father Nebraska Reimagined For Trigun Stampede Episode 2

Images: SHONENGAHOSHA, lunatic asylum

Father Nebraska was never meant to be handsome, but its redesign to Stampede Trigun episode 2 is one of the weakest aspects of the episode. Its design, while certainly laden with expressive animation in the face, feels pointless, and seeing it in overall motion is a weak point. Signs of this include the decision to add hair and replace his monocle with glasses that slightly resemble those worn by Kanta Nebraska. Finally, it got some extra teeth, with just enough to make the CGI more convincing.

While that helps better differentiate him from the parallel Colonel H. Stinkmeaner that people can sometimes get the way he was originally designed, he’s not a slam dunk, and he’s not the only one .

Gofsef was shrunk in his redesign for Trigun Stampede

This decision is certainly acceptable insofar as it does not detract from the narrative and we are still convinced of its overall design, but it remains confusing. However, his moments with Vash were a highlight of the episode, and Father’s love for Gofsef was incredibly endearing, so seeing him desperately hugging and kissing his son after saving him will pull a chord. There’s still a noticeable size difference between the two, with Gofsef dominating his father, so the idea isn’t completely lost.

Don’t Forget Vash and His Revamp

Some viewers were quick to provide their “fixes” while others embraced the change. Vash’s hairstyle embodies a more modern popular haircut as opposed to the original’s more generic Super Saiyan-looking hair. Love it or hate it, new hair looks great in motion. Not everyone is happy with the design or the overall decisions made for this show, but everything was completed with love and care for the series, and we appreciate having another hot anime to check out.

Stampede Trigun is available exclusively on Crunchyroll.

– This article was last updated on January 15, 2023

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