Tracee Ellis Ross’ Box Braids Ponytail Is Gorgeous

When she’s not showing off her natural curls in all their fluffy glory, Tracee Ellis Ross gets pretty creative with protective hairstyles. It’s not uncommon to see the actress and founder of Pattern Beauty sporting a sculptural updo or an intricate braided style, and each new look only reaffirms her status as a beauty icon. However, Ross’ latest attempt at ultra-long braids might just take the cake, especially since it matches the one and only Michelle Obama. Tracee Ellis Ross’ box braids ponytail served as the perfect complement to the former First Lady’s goddess braids, but is certainly one of the star’s most gorgeous and glamorous updos to date. .

The holiday giveaways came early in the form of Ross and Obama gracing Instagram with a behind-the-scenes look at their recent engagement to talk together. The dynamic duo took the stage at The Masonic in San Francisco to discuss Obama’s latest look, The light we carry. Both ladies looked absolutely fabulous in matching suits – Ross in a gray Gucci moment with studded details and Obama in dark green velvet (and a top emblazoned with images of the music legend – and Tracee’s mother – Diana Ross).

The real glamour, however, lies beyond fashion – it’s all about how good they look. Ross opted for medium-length braids pulled back into a shiny, hip-length ponytail, courtesy of celebrity hairstylist Marcia Hamilton, with natural makeup done by Molly Greenwald. Obama wore goddess micro braids swept to one side, giving the author and activist an effortless, youthful vibe. Other standout elements of Obama’s look included metallic bronze nails and rich green eyeshadow to match his suit.

Needless to say, these two icons blew everyone away with their matching sets and braids – but for many, their looks meant more than just a stunning moment of beauty. “It’s braids and black girl joy to me,” one commenter wrote on Ross’ Instagram post. “This is the epitome of black girl magic!” said another. One fan even expects Obama’s hairstyle to kick-start a wave of trends, saying, “Here comes the return of microbraids for their new reign.”

Only time will tell if this commentator’s prediction will come true, but given the amount of buzz around Ross and Obama’s looks, it’s safe to say they’re onto something.

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