Tools to achieve an iconic bridal hairstyle

We’re sure you style your hair often for occasions like birthday parties, date nights, get-togethers, and more. But your marriage? It’s a priceless event in your life, isn’t it? And you must look like a queen who wears her hair like a crown! Your hairstyle should exude elegance and grace. We understand that mesmerizing hairstyles seem impossible to achieve. But guess what? You can just do it yourself with a little help from your bridesmaids!

We have selected the two most amazing hairstyles for your big day. Read on to create a look that will redefine bridal hairstyle goals for you.

Half bun with braided roses

Half up and half down hairstyles are not only captivating but also easier to style on your own. Combining the half bun with a cute pink bun can be a perfect hairstyle for your lehenga. It gives you a minimalist and trendy look with sleek and straight hair. To add more beauty to this bridal hairstyle, choose small accessories and delicate white flowers that will enhance the glamorous quotient of your updo.

have the look

1. Apply a heat-protecting serum or spray.

2. Pick one section of your hair at a time and carefully glide the straightener through the strands.

4. For a half updo, part the top half of your hair and secure with an elastic.

5. Divide the knotted section into three equal parts and make the usual braid.

6. Secure the ends of your braid with a scrunched band and wrap this section around each other forming a bun that looks like a rose.

7. Position the braided bun using bobby pins and let the remaining hair loose.

8. Finally, spray hair spray to get rid of flyaways.

Long bouncy curls

Want a hairstyle that isn’t too fancy, but is capable of taking the groom’s breath away? This bridal hairstyle is made for you! Long, bouncy curls will always be in style. This is one of the trendiest and most stylish bridal hairstyles this wedding season.

have the look

1. Dry your mane.

2. Apply a thermoprotective serum.

3. Separate your hair into small sections.

4. Heat up the curler and once the tongs are heated, start curling each section of your hair one by one.

5. To fix the curls, use a texturizing spray.

6. Add beautiful hair accessories and flowers to add character to your wedding ensemble. And There you go. You are ready to rock this special day in the most stylish way!

With contributions from Sonal Hankare, Head of Marketing and Communications, Ikonic Professional.

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