Times when Miona Bell’s fashion risks paid off

Miona Bell is one of the few 90 Day Fiancé stars who often takes risks with fashion, including experimenting with controversial leather pants.

Old 90 day fiance Star Miona Bell is a fashionista who has received a lot of praise for her unique makeovers on Instagram. The 24-year-old Serbian woman is most popular for her appearance in season 9, in which she got married to her longtime boyfriend, Jibri Bell. After the wedding, Miona moved to California as planned and started making her dreams come true. Soon after, she started selling hair beauty products and ponytails.

Throughout 2022, Miona has thrived and been able to accomplish a lot in her life. After the success of her beauty business, she bought an expensive car and moved to Palm Springs. In December 2022, Jibri shared a business update with 90 day fiance viewers and claimed that his Serbian wife’s business was booming. He also revealed that Miona has satisfied over 10,000 buyers worldwide.


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Miona Bell’s colorful summer outfit

Miona is a fashionista who tries out risky new looks to wow her Instagram followers. In July, she posted a video of herself wearing a floral outfit. Despite the outdated pattern and a puffy skirt that looked like a petticoat, Miona managed to put it on well, which earned her many positive comments. An Instagram user wrote, “You are beautifuland thanked the Serbian native for growing her business and showing off new fashion styles. Another user chimed in: “Miona you are so beautiful! Literally brilliant!

Miona Bell’s Gen Z grunge look

Along with cleverly updating outdated styles, Miona has also always looked beautiful in an edgy style aesthetic. In January 2023, she shared photos of herself posing next to her beloved car. The pictures showed the 90 day fiance alum wore a black top, chrome skirt and chunky leather boots, which could have gone very wrong. However, the reality star was able to look stunning in the outfit, which earned her praise from 90 day fiance online viewers. An Instagram user said, Look like the cutest bratz doll. Another added: “Are we going to have a spin-off show on rags to riches! ?

Miona Bell Rocks Green Leather Trousers

Miona also experimented with potentially catastrophic color combinations but managed to look good every time. A few months ago, she posed next to a vintage rental car, wearing a brown top and green bottoms. While the color combination was risque, Miona made it more dangerous by pairing her cotton top with leather pants. Still, she was able to look very attractive in her style, which earned her comments like, “Perfect!!!” and YOU are out of this world. It looks like Yara Zaya isn’t the only fashionista in the 90 day fiance franchise.

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