TikToker checks news anchor in American Girl store and makes ‘sickening’ discovery

A news anchor was allegedly caught lying about American Girl dolls, and the footage goes viral.

The clip, recorded by producer and journalist @MannyFidel and uploaded by @MSNBC, quickly gained over 730,000 views and 5,000 comments.

Newsmax anchor Rob Finnerty, host of the ‘Wake Up America’ show, claims in a December 12 clip that he visited the American Girl store at Rockefeller Center in New York City looking for a doll that looked like his baby girl .

However, according to the anchor, he couldn’t find a single doll that looked like his “cute 6-year-old white baby girl.” “The whole place was, like, awake,” Finnerty reported.

The claim prompted MSNBC reporter Manny Fidel to visit that same American Girl store to see if he could find a “white girl doll” – and his findings are now going viral on TikTok.

Almost immediately, Fidel noticed that the store was full of white dolls – not just on display, but in boxes stacked on shelves and in animated videos hanging on the wall.

“The literal first doll you see when you walk into the store,” Fidel says, zooming in on a smiling white doll with blonde pigtails.

Fidel continues to walk around the store, registering the multitude of white dolls on the shelves and in the boxes. He notes that although the store has “added other races”, a “large portion” of the dolls on display are white.

Since airing, the Newsmax clip has made waves online, appearing in viral threads on Reddit and Twitter. “Since I was little you have been able to order an American Girls doll that looks exactly like you,” one Reddit user commented.

Customers looking for a fully customized American Girl doll can visit the “Make Your Own” online module, where skin tone, face shape, hairstyle and extras such as braces, hearing aids and glasses can all be customized.

“This ‘news anchor’ is absolutely the worst!”

Over 5,200 TikTokers shared their feelings on the Newsmax segment in the comments section.

“Excellent investigative reporting,” wrote one user, praising Fidel’s segment.

“Thanks for checking it out. This ‘news anchor’ is absolutely the worst!” another user wrote.

“American Girl needs to reach out to this network. This is really lying,” one user commented.

“This is so annoying because little black girls (like me) REALLY had to grow up with little rep. This is no joke 🙄,” another user wrote.

“OMG. This man trying to pretend the average rich white kid has no representation is sickening. Wtf?” one user commented.

“Seeing a black doll means there are no white dolls for the racists of the world,” wrote another.

American Girl has yet to issue an official statement in response to Finnerty’s claim, or MSNBC’s TikTok.

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