TikTok Star Meredith Duxbury on her favorite products

I also do microcurrent and I love it! How do you keep your skin looking so good when you’re always trying new skincare and makeup products? My skin is sensitive and some things don’t always agree with it – a tough part of the job. Do you have any tips for this?

It can definitely get overwhelming with all the different skincare products out there because you see it on TikTok, and you want to go through all the different ones! My main advice would be to pay attention to what your skin needs and be aware of the condition of your skin. For example, if you have very dry skin and you have patches of eczema on your face or dry patches, you don’t want to use something that dries and is made for acne. If you have acne, you don’t want to use something super greasy that will clog your pores. I would say just pay attention to the ingredients in the products you use and what the product is actually used for. It will keep your skin in good shape because you’re not using products that will strip your skin of its natural oils and stuff like that. Skincare and makeup also go hand in hand. You really need to take care of your skin so that your makeup looks good and your base looks good.

So true. I’m always on the lookout for skincare and makeup products that will also give me a glossy base. Do you use any key products that help you achieve a natural glow?

I have so many! Like I said before, Charlotte Tilbury baguettes are so good. They’re super, super pigmented, and sometimes you might think, “Oh my God, what did I just do?” I put on too much product,” but they magically blend together. They are so buttery and rosy. These are amazing. They are also very easy to use, even for beginners. I just discovered another one: the Makeup by Mario Ethereal Eyes Palette ($48). I actually used it yesterday. I saw it all over TikTok. There are some really shimmery shades in there, and it literally makes your eyes look wet and shiny. It’s so good. I really recommend this palette.

Let’s talk about your new Kiss Lashes holiday collab! How did this come about and what do you specifically like about Kiss lashes?

Kiss came to me about a year ago and said they love my TikTok and the glam looks [I create]. They wanted to release a holiday campaign, and I loved that idea. I have used Kiss all my life. I’m obsessed with their lashes – they’re like the only lashes I use. I basically picked my favorite existing lashes and tweaked them slightly. I renamed the lashes and I love Kiss. It’s such a great brand to work with. There are lashes in the collection that are natural yet still full of glamour, and there are lashes that are full of holiday glamor and almost give off disco vibes. It was so fun to be involved in the development of the packaging, and it was also a great experience because I want to have my own makeup brand one day, and it will be so great to have that experience in the development of everything.

That was another question I wanted to ask you! What would a Meredith Duxbury makeup line consist of?

I would like to have my own make-up brand. It’s definitely something that’s a huge goal for me. I think a Meredith makeup brand would be a mix of naturals and glamor because I feel like such a mix of both. One day I’ll just go shopping and want to launch some quick and easy products. Then another day I want to do a huge TikTok look full of glamour. I want something easy for everyone [to use]. Whether you’re a glam girl or a more natural girl, I want products that everyone can love and use. It’s definitely something I want to spend more time on and think about more, but that’s kind of the general idea. I just want something that’s super inclusive and anyone can get their hands on.

Are there any new up-and-coming makeup brands you’re really excited about right now?

Yes! Nimya is one that I adore. It’s NikkieTutorials’ newest makeup brand, and I think it started with only skincare products, but it just released its first eyeshadow palette. The brand colors are so cool with orange and blue. It is then her, and it’s super inspiring to see a designer like her grow up and become so big and have this amazing brand of makeup. I’m so proud of her, and it’s so inspiring to see. Saie Beauty is another. I loved the Starglow gel ($28). It is so good. This is another recommendation you must try! I’ve seen them grow so much over the past year, especially on TikTok. TikTok is just crazy how it can help sell products in seconds. I also found the Saie Starglow Gel on TikTok, so this brand has definitely exploded over the past year.

Are there any makeup launches from the past year that really stood out to you?

Yeah, I think clean beauty is a huge thing, and in 2022 it’s something that I think a lot of makeup brands are focusing on and realizing that’s a priority for people. I think Kosas is really good with that. They released a foundation this year called Revealer Skin-Improving Foundation ($42), and it’s for acne-prone skin. I don’t have acne prone skin, but I love it because it just has ingredients that are really good for your skin. I think their growth this year has been amazing, and they market so well. I think the packaging and everything about the branding is so cool – it really stuck with me this year. So obviously Kiss Lashes stood out for me because I think it was awesome that they wanted to do their first influencer launch, and I’m so grateful that I got to be the first influencer to collaborate with them .

And how about some career highlights from this year?

I met Charlotte Tilbury, who was so inspiring. I admire her so much, and Sophia Tilbury does my makeup [was definitely a highlight]. Meeting Alicia Keys and meeting Halsey and doing makeup with her at her house and all the other amazing people I’ve met. I’ve also had so many opportunities to work with such amazing brands like the Morphe Making You Blush collection campaign, which was so exciting. Kiss Lashes too, as we talked about, and having a billboard in Times Square was so crazy to me. My whole family came, and we stood there and watched, and I thought, “It’s so crazy that I’m on a billboard in Times Square!” I just remember my little self wanted to live in New York so badly, and here I have a billboard in Times Square. I’ve also met so many amazing friends and creators along the way this year too. It’s been such a successful year, and I’m so happy.

I can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for you! I know you have some really cool collaborations coming up. My final question is, what makeups can we expect for the rest of the 25 Days of Christmas on your TikTok?

I’m so excited. I love Christmas. It’s one of my favorite holidays and I love winter in general. It’s so fun and comfortable. I really want to do a “My Boyfriend Does My Christmas Makeup” video because he’s so involved and loves all this TikTok stuff and is so supportive of my career. I also really like the SFX makeup. It’s something I’ve done a lot during Halloween, so I think I want to do a Grinch makeup with SFX. Next, I want to create a Cindy Lou look, and I’m working with a great hairstylist. His name is Erickson, and I think I want him to come do all of Cindy Lou’s hair, and I’m going to do the makeup. Next, I’ll probably do some easy holiday glam looks. I think it’s something a lot of people want to see at this time of year because I think it can be overwhelming. There are so many Christmas parties and events that people might run out of ideas. Newbies might also think they need tips and tricks on how to create higher glam looks for the holiday season, so that’s something I’m going to focus on. But I have papers and papers of ideas, so there will definitely be many amazing Christmas videos!

I can’t wait to see what else is in store for the rest of the month and obviously for 2023! I’m going to follow, so I’m going to see all this.

Yeah, it’s gonna be so much fun. Thank you very much for this opportunity. It was so much fun talking about all this with you!

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