TikTok 2022 beauty trends range from bright to weird

Midnights, sunsets, cups of coffee — there are many ways to measure a year, but TikTok trends might be the most illuminating of them all. For better or worse, FYP has become the destination for hacks, tips, and recommendations, sparking a new craze every other day. TikTok Beauty Trends 2022 could be the most extreme year yet for the social media app, introducing users to concepts like skin cycle, mermaid eyes and octopus haircuts, which have all easily become part of our collective beauty-loving language. In fact, 2022 could be the year of beauty really democratized, with ordinary users able to wield as much power and influence as actual celebrities – sometimes more. The result? Tons of creative, out-of-the-box hair, skin, and makeup trends straight from your digital peers.

What makes TikTok so special, however, is how much its most popular beauty videos seem to reflect our attitudes and thoughts at any given time. While ‘skinimalism’ dominated the early years of the pandemic, 2022 has seen an explosion of new application techniques and innovative products hitting bathroom counters once again. Mask-friendly makeup has given way to bold lip looks and creative blush placements, all of which feel more than a little joyful with the past few years finally in the rearview mirror. TikTok isn’t an oracle, but that’s clearer than you might think. Here, TZR takes a look back at the biggest TikTok beauty trends of 2022 — the good, the bad, and the screenshot-worthy.

Mermaid eyes versus doe eyes

Inspired by on-screen femme fatales, TikTok spent months obsessing over the siren’s sultry eyes — until Lamb’s eye came, that is. While mermaid eyes aim to create a lifted and elongated effect for sexy intensity, doe eyes aim to look as innocent as possible.

The best part of the whole trend was how well the looks lent themselves to mashup videos in which amateur and professional makeup artists tried their hand at both — at the same time, too.

Thousand Layered Haircuts

Often also called octopus haircut or butterfly haircut, it all means the same thing: tons of layers working together for serious body, movement, and shape. Think of it like the 2022 version of Rachel’s Haircut, even counting celebrities like Billie Eilish, Kelly Rowland, and Jennifer Lopez as fans.

skin cycling

Originally coined by dermatologist and brand founder Dr Whitney Bowe, the “skin cycle” is through 2022, as it was the year before. Designed to counter the stripping side effects of ingredients like retinoids, the practice incorporates highly hydrating “rest days” between exfoliation and powerful actives.

Racking up billions of views on TikTok alone, it looks like the skincare trend is one of the few dermatologist-approved hacks on the app — and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in 2023.


This year, niche perfumes and scents received a well-deserved spotlight with the rise of PerfumeTok. Regular users and mainstream influencers have hopped on the app to share their favorite scents of the moment, often describing them in visceral, painterly terms that have turned the scents into cult favorites.

Among the year’s favorites were indie fragrances like Phlur Missing Person, Modern Vanilla’s Le Petite Skunk, and DS & Durga’s Debaser, plus more anticipated additions like Fenty’s debut fragrance, Tom Ford Lost Cherry, and celebrity-favorite Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge.

Blush, reinvented

If 2022 belonged to a single makeup product, it would surely be blush. In fact, this year alone has spurred several distinct blush trends, including “I’m Cold” makeup applied to look windbitten and windy, and its exact opposite, blush. cheeks against sunburn.

Savvy TikTok users applied their blush where concealer under the eyes usually gives a glossy camouflage effect, and others brilliantly matched their blush to their lipsticks for a blurry look and consistent throughout.

Clean girl buns

Ah, the controversy clean girl – TikTok anthropologists know her as a close cousin to other aesthetics like the “pink pilates princess,” but with a girlbossian twist. Whatever your feelings about the overall aesthetic, everyone seemed united by a love for the ultimate clean girl hairstyle: the slicked up bun.

Largely inspired by Hailey Bieber’s distinct brand of minimalism, the updo was defined by upswept – not backswept — the hair for a lifted effect, with the bun firmly attached to the head. The most important part of the look, however, is getting rid of any frizz, flyaways, baby hairs, or breakage with a gel or pomade. It’s elegant, studious and refreshing and easy to recreate.

glazed donut nails

Thank (or blame, your choice) Mrs. Bieber for this one too. While all the glazed donut — from dewy skin to extra shine in hair — ruled in 2022, none of it was as big as a glazed donut. nails. Achieved by rubbing special, iridescent flakes of chrome over polish, the glistening look took the world by storm last spring.

Starting with a muted pearly pink, the trend quickly blossomed to include tons of other shades, including the wildly popular brown nail craze loved by celebrities like Lily Collins, Rihanna, and J.Lo.

Armpit Masks

A BeautyTok trend doesn’t have to be particularly glamorous to gain traction on the app. But in the case of armpit detox and underarm masks, what they lack in frivolity, they make up for in effectiveness. Users share when switching to an aluminum-free deodorant, a “detox” is needed to purge the body of any lingering residue. While Dr. Alicia Zalka, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Surface Deep, told TZR earlier this year that clarifying your underarms (like you would clarify your scalp or skin) is a solid idea, there are other ways to go about it rather than slathering pits in stuff like bentonite clay.

Instead, says Dr. Zalka, try cleaning the armpits with a regular glycolic-based cleanser. It does the same thing but saves more than a little mess when applying.

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