THIS ITZY MEMBER Is Breaking the Internet for Her Recent Hairstyle: “She’s So Cute”

This ITZY member is stirring MIDZY hearts with her recent hairstyle, catching people’s attention with her cuteness and pretty visuals!

Can you guess who she is?

ITZY & Lia

(Photo: panchoa)
ITZY & Lia

ITZY Lia New Hair: Is it Better for the Singer?

Lia is launching with a new hairstyle, which consists of having bangs!

On December 15, ITZY posted a video on YouTube, titled “ITZY “Cheshire” BEHIND #9“, where the girls are preparing for the music video shoot.

The members couldn’t help but compliment her cuteness, appreciating her adorable look and snapping photos of the new style. Lia seriously won the hearts of the members with her bangs.

Lia even took a mirror selfie, which she would then send to her mother.


(Photo: panchoa)


(Photo: panchoa)

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The lead singer not only touched the hearts of the members, but also MIDZY’s! Her bangs were so cute that she even made a thumbnail of them for the video.

Check out ITZY’s full behind-the-scenes video here!

ITZY Lia’s Adorable Hairstyle Receives MIDZY Praise

On an online platform, Lia’s bangs have gone viral, catching the attention of MIDZYs. They expressed their love for her new hair, complimenting her adorable visuals.

She looks like a bean. She’s just too cute!”

“She looks prettier with the bangs down. Her face looks shorter, so her features stand out more.”

“Every time I see Lia, she reminds me of an alpaca or a camel, so I never thought she was pretty, but she’s pretty with her bangs down.”

“Lia is pretty with and without bangs. Her face can do it all.”

“She looks prettier with the bangs down.”

“She looks more innocent and cuter with her bangs down. It also makes her face look shorter. It seems to suit her well!”

“Okay, yes. 100% yes. She’s a pretty girl, so with or without bangs, she always looks great. But I feel like it suits her perfectly.”


(Photo: panchoa)

Some also commented on how much she looked like popular K-drama stars!

“Idols usually look prettier without bangs, but she fits better with bangs. She gives off that feminine vibe of 2010s K-drama. Like Moon Geun Young.”

“With her bangs down, she kind of gives me Jeon Somin vibes.”

Others claimed how much she looked like former Wonder Girls member Lim.

“She looks like Lim from Wonder Girls with the bangs! Very down-to-earth-cute vibe.”

ITZY Lia is also known for her shiny hair in the throwback stages. In a video posted by AYO, the episode featured veteran makeup artists Seoyoon and Shinae where they discussed their experiences in the industry.

In the middle of the video, she explained how it was done using just a hair straightener and greasy products. While some may require complicated procedures, Lia takes it all in for her natural hair!

Do you like Lia’s recent hairstyle? Does her bangs look better on her? Let us know in the comments below.

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