Think global, act local; An ancestral way of artistic expression: hairdressing with Sharon Traylor

Happy Holidays!

In these festive days, as we prepare for the start of the new year, I wanted to visit someone who uses his talent in a myriad of ways but above all aesthetically because it is essential to look good during the vacation as we reunite with our loved ones.

I had the chance to have met, four years ago, while I was having my hair cut, Mrs. Sharon Traylor. It’s always hard to introduce someone else, so when I asked to describe herself succinctly, she said:

“I am a barber, hair braider, barber loctian instructor, mother of four, grandmother, dog trainer and artist. I am passionate about self-healing fitness and health of mind, body and soul. I love nature and growing things, I’m very good at it. I am a simple, no frills woman.

Be sure to visit her the next time you see her as she is a kind and shrewd soul and the Red River Valley is lucky to have Mrs. Sharon here as her home.

Till next time:

Umwaka Mushya Muhire in 2023!

– Cyuse

Where do you call home?

The place I call home has only recently been admitted in the past five years. I’m from Chicago and I had a strong desire to belong there in a comforting way. But by accomplishing so much here, with the passing of my grandmother, Chicago began to feel like home no longer. The house is Moorhead and it feels like home.

What is your growth path and what lessons did you learn before coming to Fargo?

My journey started when I got into this job, to be honest, and it took me almost my whole life until now to realize that. In terms of growth and lessons learned, it happened a bit before I came to this area, but blossomed more and became more apparent while here. Being moved from one environment to another that is radically different showed me these things. The lessons learned at home were necessary to get to where I am now. The lessons learned here in Fargo were necessary to maintain who I am today.

What is the story of your passion for this ancestral art of taking care of your hair?

The story of my passion for hairdressing is not a passion for hairdressing, it is a passion for creating and being able to express and be artistic that I have been all my life. So hairstyle is just one member of the tree of expression and creativity.

How did you turn a passion into a full time occupation?

This passion for creativity was born from an idea for a hair salon, which was a great success that my business partner Brenna Fisher and I brought to life in 2020. We then decided to climb higher and open a boutique .

Why and how can people discover other cultures through hairstyles?

The reason I think people should learn about other cultures through hairstyles is because it helps you understand and maybe brings people together by sharing and wearing different hairstyles. They could learn by taking classes by asking questions and accepting it as an art and a form of expression.

What is one thing that this neighborhood could benefit from that you have appreciated in other cities where you have lived?

When I think about it, the one thing this neighborhood could benefit from that I loved in other cities would be inclusion and diversity, but I already see that happening. So I have hope for the growth of our Fargo-Moorhead community.

What is your vision for 2030? Where will you be and why?

My vision for 2030 seems so far away but it is not. I would like to see men and women doing all kinds of hairstyles with different textures. Having stylists and barbers who can serve anyone with any hair care they might need. My goals are to teach in schools and have a few businesses and much more. I like to move quietly – so, to be continued.

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