Theresa Caputo seeks to bring healing to Pittsburgh public

PITTSBURGH — If you’ve been past Rivers Casino lately, you’ve noticed the huge electronic billboard touting Theresa Caputo’s Feb. 3-4 appearances.

“It’s something that still scares me even though I’ve been touring for over 10 years,” Caputo said. “Seeing my face on a billboard is just crazy.”

When that Feb. 4 broadcast ran out, North Shore Casino quickly added the second and previous date for television’s famed “The Long Island Medium,” which will share personal stories about his life and deliver messages of healing to members of the public, giving people comfort that their deceased loved ones are still with them.

Caputo’s appearances in Pittsburgh will be similar to her hit TLC Channel reality show, “except I won’t be shopping,” she laughed. “I may be trying to steal your food, but there will be no races.

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