The Wheel (2022): Premiere Date, Celebrity Guests, How to Play

Get ready for Wheel! During the new high-stakes NBC game show, six celebrity guests help the contestants win money. A lot of money. As in over $100,000. A mega hit in the UK, the show is created and hosted by British comedian Michael McIntyre.

“There were a lot of old and old game show formats on UK TV so I literally tried to find a new one. And luckily the BBC loved it and it became a huge hit for them,” McIntyre said. Parade on how the show originally came about. “NBC saw the first show we did and wanted to do an American version. It was very exciting!”

Celebrities bring their A-game to a subject where they say they have great expertise. As McIntyre explains, “celebrity guests self-select a category in which they claim to be experts.”

The categories run the gamut from politics to Beyoncé to candy to poker to Beverly Hills 90210 and all the rest. The stars help contestants answer a variety of category-based trivial questions that come from the giant 42-foot spinning wheel.

Brimming with hijinks and hilarity, contestants answer one question from each category, but only one contestant can win this suspenseful spectacle. Starting Monday, December 19, there will be two takeover weeks of Wheel on NBC.

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