The versatility of Park Seo Joon: Fight For My Way, Hwarang, Itaewon Class and The Marvels of MCU

As Oh Ri On, Park Seo Joon was the perfect engine for the K-drama directed by Jisung and Hwang Jung Eum. He’s determined to uncover the truths he thinks lie behind Jisung’s rich life who, in fact, suffers from a condition called dissociative identity disorder and, in turn, gets tangled up in this complex situation. with its many identities.

Office worker: she was pretty, what’s wrong with secretary Kim?

Park Seo Joon seems like he was made for costumes because he can very well be a role model for them. An office environment seems like the best place to display his good looks and rightful attitude as a leader, as he took both roles by the horns and knocked them out of the park. Both were rom-coms where he held a notable position in the respective companies and his roles made him nervous and distant at times which is completely opposite to his real persona and other portrayals.

Athlete: Fight for my way
As a former taekwondo player, he had the good courage to challenge his dreams and run towards them no matter the obstacles. He ignited his passion for the sport once again and allowed himself to pursue what was always meant for him – Mixed Martial Arts. Park Seo Joon is set to take on another athletic role as a footballer-turned-coach in the upcoming movie “Dream” alongside singer IU.

Saeguk: Hwarang: The Youth Warrior Poet
A Silla warrior and kind brother to his team, Park Seo Joon starred as Hwarang, as Moo Myung who takes on the identity of Kim Sun Woo, his late friend. Upon entering the palace, he fights against politics and does his best to protect his teammates. He befriends the king who is also one of the Hwarang men, in disguise and they investigate the truth. Park Seo Joon was his charismatic best on the show, making many dear lifelong friends.

Businessman: Itaewon Class
Park Sae Royi continues to be the best he has done so far and that’s for a reason. It wasn’t just his hairstyle that was made to suit his role, but in fact his whole character that he absorbed from start to finish. As a former convict of revenge, he channels his hatred to overtake his enemy through his most prized possession, his business. From a small restaurant and bar, Park Seo Joon became the best owner-turned-businessman and let his work do the talking.

Moreover, for his next dramatic role, the actor will go back to 1945 alongside Han So Hee in “Gyeongseong Creature” where he is another businessman, owner of a pawn shop.

Superheroes: Marvels
Park Seo Joon’s next role will be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, The Marvels. Although not much is known so far, he will likely be a superhero alongside Captain Marvel, played by Brie Larson. This will officially be her Hollywood debut and will further add to her global stardom which has been enhanced superiorly in recent years.

The actor has indeed dipped his toes into multiple types of roles and allowed himself to explore his abilities as well as build a fabulous filmography.

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