The reason Mr. T wore gold chains and the heartbreaking situation that forced him to quit

Mr. T is known for his tough personality, appearing in Rocky III, and the ridiculously heavy gold chains he wears around his neck wherever he goes…

But many wondered where the idea of ​​wearing so many gold chains came from and why he suddenly ditched the look.

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Well, keep reading to find out more…

Now, who hasn’t heard of Mr. T?

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He has so many professions under his belt.

He is an actor, professional wrestler and television personality.

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During the 1970s, he worked as a bouncer and bodyguard in Chicago.

He rocked with his built body, gold chains and a mohawk.

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In the early 80s, that’s when his big breakthrough came when Sylvester Stallone picked him as his rival boxer in Rocky III.

Although Mr. T spent the rest of his career earning millions of dollars, life was not easy for him.

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His real name, Laurence Tureaud, was the youngest boy in his family of twelve children.

His father was a minister and left Tureaud and his family when he was only 5 years old.

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He grew up watching his mother raise him and his twelve siblings.

Tureaud is said to have grown very close to his mother and it kept him out of trouble in his youth.

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By the time he reached high school, he was a constant dreamer.

His daydreaming earned him an average grade in school.

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However, he excelled in athletics and became a soccer star and three-time high school wrestling champion.

Tureaud earned a scholarship to play football for the Prairie View A&M University Panthers in Prairie View, Texas.

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In 1971 he decided to do a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, but it didn’t last long as he was expelled after 1 year in the course.

Deciding that school was not for him, Tureaud became a military policeman in the United States Army.

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In the mid-1970s, Tureaud decided to return to Chicago, where he found a job as a doorman.

Luckily for him, his days as a military policeman earned him a reputation as one of Chicago’s toughest and most infamous bouncers.

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Since then, he’s embraced the mohawk hairstyle look, which he says is inspired by a National geographic photo of an african mandikan warrior.

And then he started swinging with his famous chains that he claimed to have taken from misbehaving customers.

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Mr. T’s name would be entered, requiring customers to show respect. And the rest is history.

But did you know that her gold chain look had a meaning behind it?

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According to VT, Mr. T confirmed in his biography that he was inspired to start wearing all the gold necklaces he found at the sites of his African ancestors.

He wrote: “The reason I wear gold – I wear gold for three reasons. One, when Jesus was born, three magi came from the east: one brought frankincense, one brought myrrh, one brought gold.

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“The second reason I wear gold is because I can afford it.

“The third reason I wear it is because it symbolizes my African heritage.”

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He continued, “When my ancestors came from Africa, they were chained by our necks, wrists and ankles in chains of steel.

“I turned these steel chains into gold to symbolize that I’m still a slave, only my price is higher.”

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But if you’ve noticed lately, Mr. T has decided to ditch the gold chain look…

And there’s a moving story of why…

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Mr T said in an interview: “As a Christian, I said I would never wear my own gold again because of what happened with Hurricane Katrina.

“It would be a sin against God for me to wear my gold when so many people have lost everything.”

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He continued: “Of course it’s my trademark, but I’m the same person whether I wear gold or not. My moral values ​​are the same. Gold doesn’t make me, I make gold. ‘gold.

Hurricane Katrina took place in 2005, which destroyed parts of New Orleans.

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It was described as one of the worst storms to ever hit the United States and killed around 1,800 people.

What do you think of his reasoning?

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