The poodle has been called “the cutest dog in the world” for its perfectly round hair. Jani News

The poodle has been called “the cutest dog in the world” for its perfectly round hair.

spherical dog

Moho collected the following differences online (Image: SWNS)

One of the world’s most unusual dogs has become an online sensation for being completely plump.

The spherical Moho Toy Poodle has also been called the “world’s cutest dog” thanks to its unique shape.

The six-year-old dog, who lives in Osaka, Japan, rose to internet fame after his owner started sharing photos of him online.

She has since amassed nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram, with people around the world in awe of her round, fluffy coat.

And it’s not just Insta where Moho is making a serious impact – she also has an impressive 31,000 followers on TikTok, with users flocking to see Moho’s daily life.

People really can’t get enough of her – some of Play’s TikTok videos have received over four million views.

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If only we could make our hair look this good… (Photo: @__mohu_c/SWNS)

Moho owner Nana said: “His personality is mature and slow.

“I don’t know why she’s so popular, you always see her on the streets and people ask me all the time what race she is.”

Moho’s most popular post has nearly 40,000 likes and hundreds of comments praising her circular hairstyle.

One fan even commented, “I’d give him my all” while another called him a “fantastic gentleman”.

If you’re wondering if it’s safe to groom your dog like Moho, the RSPCA urges owners to remember that grooming should only be used for the comfort, safety and good health of the animal.

The animal charity advises that dogs be brushed ‘as needed’, depending on their breed, writing: ‘Owners should monitor the condition of their dog’s coat for any tangles/matts. Or look for dullness that indicates they may need a brush.

“Grooming can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours a week, depending on the type of dog you have.”

More complex grooming, such as trimming and styling, should be done by professionals, who can help ensure your pet is treated in the safest way possible – some pet groomers also work with surgery.

And if you’re trying to give your dog a Mohawk look, always remember to use blunt-nosed safety scissors. Never point them at your pet and be very careful when trimming the hair around the eyes to avoid accidents.

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