The perfect One Highlights technique for women over 40: herringbone highlights

Hitting the big 4-0 is a big milestone, and what better way to celebrate that than with a stunning new hairstyle? Herringbone locks have been all the rage with mature beauties on TikTok and elsewhere lately, for the way they seamlessly blend graying locks with the rest of your hair.

The highlighting technique — as seen on stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Jennifer Aniston to name a few — helps us embrace our gray hair while trying out a fun new trend (she can also provide an instant refreshing update to your typical ‘do!)

We reached out to professional hairstylists and hairstyling experts to learn more about the trend and why many consider it perfect for women over 40 looking for a fresh style. Read on for tips, suggestions and insights from Adriana Tapia, color specialist at Pierre Michel salon, and Jessica Shults, professional hairstylist and salon owner Twisted Scissors.

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First, what are herringbone highlights?

Herringbone highlights, Tapia explains, are a “combination of warm and cool highlights.” Herringbone highlights intentionally include “natural gray hair in the overall hair color” when coloring to create an overall more natural look, she adds. Tapia points out that it doesn’t “really cover up or eliminate gray”. This highlighting technique, she says, works great for women who are “starting to go gray” and want to “get to grips with the new color” because it’s much less maintenance than trying to cover up. completely gray hair. “Highlights are blended into the natural color so that graying hair will stand out less from someone’s original natural hair color,” Tapia continues.

This trend is so popular (and continues to grow in popularity), Tapia believes, because of that “low-maintenance” appeal, because you’re “not going to get super contrasting roots or new gray hair that stands out starkly.” your main hair color,” she points out. It requires less maintenance, she adds, and it’s also “ideal for women who want to look more natural as they age, but aren’t ready to have all the gray hair.”

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Tapia notes that the final look isn’t one that “fights the aging process or covers up anything,” it’s just a softer color that can be flattering on anyone, depending on the tones you’re looking for. mix. old or young, because people of all ages choose to have that color, naturally gray or not,” Tapia says, emphasizing the positive healthy aging mindset that this trend captures.

Shults agrees and says herringbone highlights are “highlights placed in foils diagonally across the head to replicate a herringbone pattern.” Shults continues: “I believe this trend has grown over the last few years, with people wanting to frame the face with ‘silver coins’. This, she says, can really “blend and/or accent gray hair instead of covering it up, leading to a longer time between salon visits and less dramatic, obvious roots.”

Ultimately, Tapia acknowledges that when, if, and how someone turns gray is a “personal choice, and entirely up to the individual”, but she thinks achieving herringbone highlights is a “great way to ‘soften the transition’. As seen on several celebrities, the end result is a “very pretty and flattering color” that can be very personalized, she notes.

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Colorist tips when requesting highlights

If you’re interested in trying out the trend and planning your salon visit, a top colorist, Tapia says, will be able to “recommend the best combination of tones to mix together to maintain your natural hair color.” Your stylist will be able to “talk about what the end result will be.”

In general, gray can “blend more easily into blonde hair,” Tapia adds, but she says “it can be done with any color,” and a pro “will know how to combine warm and cool highlights” in a natural pattern. . Another pro tip is to bring a celebrity reference photo with you, and if you’re able to find one with your natural hair color, that always helps!

Shults agrees and adds that “following the color pattern of your natural hair helps.” Adding “more highlights where there is more gray,” she says, will accentuate the grays, and keeping the “darker highlights darker” will keep depth in the hair and natural dimension. “My advice to someone looking to try this trend would be to ask your stylist to create a healthy balance of warm and cool highlights to really blend in with the colors you naturally have,” she recommends. Noted!

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