The music, the lyrics are good, but what is this stage?

December 21, 2022 | by Kinjal Panchal

Ranveer Singh’s star Circus created a buzz among moviegoers with his thoda confusing trailer. Fans aren’t quite sure what to expect from the movie, but are looking forward to Singh’s dual role. The film is directed by Rohit Shetty, which means fans can expect craziness, fun and comedy! Well, to anticipate Circus, the creators released a new song from the movie titled “Aashiqui.” It is sung by Badshah and Amrita Singh and the songwriting is done by the rapper himself.

First of all, Badshah knows how to grab attention with his songs! No matter the lyrics, his songs will remain etched in your head! And ‘Aashiqui’ is another excerpt from his work that will play in your mind on repeat. Right from the start, the catchy electronic music hooked me from the first note.

Coupled with that, the perfectly rhymed lyrics make it that much harder to stop tapping your toes! Amrita Singh’s voice matches the energy and sensuality of Badshah’s voice. Luckily, the lyrics aren’t rude, except for this line that said “Back maarti, front maaryi, ladki yeh current maartiUmm, I’m not sure what that means and I know for a fact that line was put into the composition for fun!

The visuals of the song are cool too! They go well with the music and lyrics, making it a fun song to listen to! The track clears thoda bohot retro vibe too.

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But but but… I am massively disappointed with the choreography. What in God’s name is that hook? I will go ahead and call this step an abomination in the name of the dance. Yes, it’s that bad! How did Ranveer Singh, Pooja Hegde and Jacqueline Fernandes agree to do this step? If the creators create an original song for the movie, why not strive to give us better hook steps as well? That was the problem with Circus‘ The song ‘Sun Zara’ too! The only song that passes the mood control so far from the film is “Current Laga Re”.

But other than that, ‘Aashiqui’ has a good chance of being played in every club and pub at New Year’s Eve this year!

The Cirkus trailer teaser video will remind you how life in the 1960s was so simple and lighthearted. It looks entertaining!

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