The “Hairshow” event brings a new dimension to the sector

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Who still remembers the popular 2007 romantic comedy film based on the 2002 Broadway musical of the same name, “Hairspray” directed and choreographed by Adam Shankman and starring John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken, Amanda Bynes, James Marsden, Queen Latifah, Brittany Snow and Zac Efron among others?

It all came to life, underlined and reinvented locally last Saturday at The Venue when the sixth edition of the popular EVA Hairshow event took place with the aim of promoting local hairdressers and stylists.

The event, described as a success by the guests, brought a new dimension to the artistic sector under the fashion brand as the organizers saw fit and also proved that hairdressers and hairdressers are artists in their own right who should be respected and valued as such. what they do supports livelihoods, as does music, dance and film, among others.

Even if it was not really about the musical spectacle but rather about ten hairdressers who took part in the contest where each stylist was commissioned to present modern, casual and regal bohemian hairstyles with different EVA brand hairpieces and braids.

They were ranked in the top five thanks to celebrity judges including Marshall Malikula, Brita Maselethulini, and Karin Coric, among others, who had a raunchy time selecting them.

After the five were announced, they then had five minutes each to style an African bride.

Each of the models on stage was dressed in their lobola outfit and each hairstylist had to choose one.

Former Kuwadzana High librarian Annalisa Tsoro, 29, came out on top as she walked away with an extra $1,500 while Esther Kanengoni took second place and received $1,000.

Natasha Chiveto came in third and went home with US$500. In an interview with The Herald Arts, Tsoro, who couldn’t hide her tears of joy as she couldn’t believe it, said it was a dream come true for her.

“I was referred to this competition by my friends Shanashe and Kayla Soza among others. I’m just a hairdresser and a natural hairdresser,” she said.

“I have been in this business for almost a year now and all the hairstyles I showed today (Saturday) were done in one day. It all depends on my creativity. I don’t have a salon but I am used to house calls from brides, friends and other clients.

Tsoro said she was going to use the money for her sanitary clothing charity she was working on.

“I’m a breadwinner and this is a great start for me for 2023. I have a towel charity I work on and have been struggling financially to buy other things. I am happy and shocked at the same time to have won and I will also work on buying stuff so that I work very well,” she said.

EVA chief executive Sonia Park said she was happy the competition had rebounded from the Covid-19 pandemic which affected it.

“It hasn’t been an easy time for everyone, especially with the Covid-19 pandemic affecting us. This show is not about EVA but we support each other,” she said as she got emotional.

“We will continue to support women and men who love hairdressing a lot. We went province by province, researching and selecting these professionals. I would say it’s about bringing together models, hairdressers and hairdressers. For now, we are still in the local market but we want the brand to grow regionally and internationally.

The event saw bubbly former model Nyasha Mutsauri and trainer Tafadzwa Mukoyi as emcees who sailed perfectly during their segment.

It also attracted diplomats from the embassies of Korea, Japan, China, fashionistas, musicians and celebrities who were dressed in brand-new attire according to the theme of the event – “Black Tie”.

Also according to the organizers, when asked why they weren’t having a “paying” event rather than a strictly invitational event, they said they wanted to keep it sleek and compact.

“As you noticed, most of the rooms we wanted were full because we also wanted to have a bigger room. So we decided to stick strictly to the invitation policy where we invited the actors from the hairdressing, modeling and fashion industry.

“We are happy that everything went according to plan, as we wanted to keep the look chic, elegant and compact. We hope next year we will have a bigger venue so that many can see and notice this competition,” said Nyasha Mutsauri.

Singer Tammy Moyo put on a splendid show as she handed out over four songs from her discography, keeping fans on their toes.

Dressed in a purple outfit, it looked like the musician was perfect for the show as she personified hair, fashion and music.

The diva did not disappoint.

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