The first time that Benjamin Sisko changed his look and grew his iconic goatee?

Benjamin Sisko’s look was drastically changed, but which episode featured the change?

Benjamin Sisko was the first captain in Star Trek history to drastically change his look during his show’s season. William Shatner’s James T. Kirk and Patrick Stewart’s Jean-Luc Picard have largely stuck with the same look during their television appearances. Sure, the two had different outfits at times, but they didn’t really change their looks beyond that.

Kirk had a new hairstyle (or wig depending on who you ask) when the movie series started and depending on who you ask, his hair was based on his time as TJ Hooker. Picard never changed his hairstyle. He was who he was, even until the 2020s.

Sisko, on the other hand, had a drastic change in his appearance. Sisko went from a clean cut and a full head of hair to a bold and very heavy goatee. This look would quickly be reduced to a thinner goatee after a handful of episodes.

But that bald look with a goatee, coupled with his show, Deep Space Nine, getting new Starfleet outfits, really helped contribute to the unique look that defined him and his career on Star Trek.

When did Benjamin Sisko first debut a new look on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

The very first time Sisko rocked a goatee was in the third season episode, “Explorers”, in which Sisko and his son Jake built a Bajoran solar ship and sailed it to Cardassia, while bonding. It’s a great father/son episode that every Star Trek fan should check out.

It is closed by Gul Dukat greeting Sisko and company, and reluctantly welcoming him to Cardassia and greeting them with fireworks as a testament to their historic journey.

Sisko would debut his bald look in the Season 4 premiere, The Way of the Warrior.

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