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Veteran Scottish punk band The Exploited have canceled their remaining 2022 tour dates following an on-stage health incident that affected vocalist Wattie Buchan during a show in Bogota, Colombia on Saturday. “Yesterday December 10, 2022, at the end of the set, Wattie collapsed on stage in Bogota, COL and was rushed to hospital by ambulance,” the band wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday.

“Thankfully Wattie is feeling better now and is resting at a hotel in Bogota…Due to doctor’s orders, all remaining shows for 2022 have been cancelled, including tonight’s performance in Cali, COL,” continued the group, noting that they were preparing to return home. in the UK while apologizing to fans and promoters for the sudden cancellation; the band’s scheduled show on Friday, December 16 in London has also been cancelled.

“We’re sorry about that, but Wattie is exhausted and has been told to cancel all upcoming concerts for this year,” they added alongside a video from the Bogota show in which Buchan, 65, – rocking his towering freedom spike hairstyle – is seen doubling up with his hands on his knees before collapsing on the stage and being assisted by stagehands. An Instagram post featured photos of Buchan in the back of an ambulance with an oxygen tube through his nose.

In February 2014 Buchan collapsed on stage during a show in Lisbon, Portugal after suffering a heart attack and was hospitalized in Belgium in 2017 after suffering a heart problem while on tour. A spokesperson for the band reportedly told Scottish broadcaster STV that “Wattie had another suspected heart attack. He tried to play but had to stop a few songs until he finally broke down. He was taken to hospital in an ambulance, but more than 900 people refused to leave until he knew he was fine. The Exploited are considered idols here, and Wattie is considered the king of punk. He kept the punk movement alive when everyone in the press said he was dead. He is in fact a living legend.

In March 2020, the tough touring band firmly refused to cancel their planned 40th anniversary tour amid the then-exploding COVID-19 pandemic. “F–k coronavirus! I had five heart attacks, a quadruple heart bypass and a pacemaker installed,” Buchan told tour promoter DRW Entertainment, who shared the rocker’s thoughts in a Facebook post at the time. “Cancelling gigs for a virus? We’re not f-king Green Day – we’re the real deal. No danger of canceling our next gigs. Punk isn’t dead!”

The beloved punks formed in Edinburgh in 1979 and released their debut album, Punk is not dead, in 1981; Buchan is the only remaining original member.

See the band’s post below.

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