The evolution of Pedro Jimeno’s style since Chantel Split

Pedro Jimeno of The Family Chantel revamped his style after parting ways with Chantel Everett. It now serves up fashion-forward looks online.

After parting ways with Chantel Everett, The Chantel family alum Pedro Jimeno has completely transformed her fashion sense and overall style. 90 day fiance viewers may know that the couple tied the knot in 2016, but never got to live happily ever after. Chantel and Pedro’s family did not get along, which became the main reason for most of their arguments. Eventually, in May 2022, the Dominican Republic native filed for divorce from his American wife.


Some of Pedro’s loyal supporters believe he shouldn’t be blamed for the couple’s divorce because his wife has always been selfish and overbearing. However, most 90 day fiance fans think the 31-year-old reality star took advantage of Chantel to come to America. After getting his real estate license and becoming financially stable, he decided to break up with his wife and move on as if nothing had happened. After seeing Pedro abuse Chantel on The Chantel family season 4, many viewers are still very angry with him.

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Pedro Jimeno spiced up his hairstyle

Pedro doesn’t shy away from criticism on social media because he’s too busy working on his post-divorce fitness and style. He posted a video with his hairstylist a few weeks ago showing off his new hairstyle. Pedro looked sharp in his new, shorter hairstyle and trimmed beard. 90 day fiance fans loved her hairstyle and complimented her in the comments section. An Instagram user wrote, “Yes sir, he looks good my brother.” Another user intervened, “Handsome Pedro.” Even David Toborowsky, who earlier mocked him for leaving Chantel, commented: “It looks good.”

Pedro Jimeno’s new divorce wardrobe

After wearing ill-fitting shirts for a long time, The Chantel family star has finally revamped her wardrobe. Pedro now wears stylish outfits that suit his toned physique. Last month, he shared a video on Instagram as he dressed in a brown slimming shirt that made his shoulders and chest appear wider. Pedro teamed the shirt with skintight blue denim pants that showed off his long, toned legs. He seemed quite confident in the video, which made 90 day fiance fans leave comments like, “Keep growing, Pedro,” and “I’m proud of you Pedro!”

Pedro Jimeno makes fashion moves

Pedro has also started to enhance his daily look with the help of stylish accessories. 90 day fiance fans may have noticed him wearing bracelets, watches, and jewelry in his latest photos. In November, he posted a funny video on Instagram in which he can be seen rocking a cross necklace and a watch. Although Pedro looked lively and happy in the video, some fans weren’t thrilled to see his new stylish side. While one of his detractors told him to “leave,” another said it was no longer relevant. Despite receiving negative messages, Pedro did not disable the comments section on his Instagram post. The Chantel family alum looks secure and confident after his latest makeover.

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