The Biggest Fashion Fail in the 90 Day Fiancé Franchise of 2022

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé and its spinoffs have witnessed many fashion failures in 2022, and many of them have hilarious things to say about them.

There have been many fashion hits in the 90 day fiance franchise, but in 2022 there have been just as many epic fashion fails. Whether it’s on Instagram, Tell Alls, or even on the show itself, cast members often like to show off what they think are their best outfits. While they sometimes wow viewers with their style prowess, other times fans have a good laugh at their fashion faux pas.

90 day fiance is not a fashion show. There is no obligation to dress up to succeed. However, some fashion failures are just too breathtaking to ignore. 2022 has had more than its fair share of fashion mishaps throughout the 90 day fiance franchise, including several spin-off shows. Several cast members have become targets of fashion-savvy fans who are eager to share their views on social media.


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90 Day Fiancé fans roasted Ben Rathbun’s Peruvian costume

Ben Rathbun on 90 Day Fiancé ahead of 90 Day Season 5

One of the most talked about style mistakes in 2022 happened during 90 day fiancé: before 90 days season 5, when Ben Rathburn was trying to fix things with Mahogany Roca and his parents in Peru, after getting them up for breakfast. 90 day fiance Star Ben showed up in what was supposed to be a traditional Peruvian outfit, complete with a chin strap cowboy hat, poncho and vest. In a Reddit thread started by u/InvitePsychological8, a fan said, “I was literally waiting for him to pull out two chrome cap guns and start firing them in the air like a spoiled brat playing cowboy.

A one-way mirror could have prevented Yves Arellano’s fashion disaster

Yvette Yve Arellano from 90 Day Fiancé season 9

Another fashion fail that got viewers talking in 2022 was Yvette “Yve” Arellano’s see-through dress on 90 day fiance season 9. Fans were used to Yves’ fiancé, Mohamed Abdelhamed, criticizing him for wearing clothes he felt were too revealing. Most of the time, he was just controlling. But during the translucent dress disaster, Mohamed was actually on the spot. Reddit user u/pomegranatepants99 posted: “Yves’ dress was bad and it has nothing to do with the fact that Mohommad is a Muslim. Her dress is paper thin. It’s not class.Considering viewers could see Yves’ black thong through the dress, it’s no surprise most Reddit users agree.

Sometimes 90 Day Fiancé fans have to agree to disagree

Tim Malcolm and Veronica Rodriguez from 90 Day: The Single Life season 3 Tell All

While 90 day fiance fans often have a collective opinion about cast members’ fashion failures, Tim Malcolm is one person who tends to divide viewers. On the 90 days: single life season 3 Tell All, Tim wore pink ripped pants, which naturally got people talking. Many fans laughed at the pants, while others insisted on standing up for the 42-year-old and his right to make his own style choices.

There’s No Debating Jibri Bell’s Fashion Failures

Miona Bell and Jibri Bell on The 90 Day Fiance Season 9 Storyline

There have been, however, very few disputes when it comes to Jibri Bell’s fashion failures. Jibri, who was engaged and married Miona Bell on 90 day fiance season 9, was often called out on his daring outfits, which he usually made sure to match Miona’s. But it was the costume he wore on the Tell-All that really put him above the fans. Teammate, Patrick Mendez’s brother John kept calling him”Sp-ah-kles“, because his costume was covered in multicolored sequins from top to bottom. If, at the Tell-All, Jibri had not been so rude and aggressive, Patrick (and the viewers) might have found the outfit amusing. Yet , his negative attitude caused fans to post comments like this on a Reddit thread started by u/pm_me__your_drama, “Spahhkles’ outfit gives off a strong Party City 70s man suit vibe.

Everyone has a different taste. The “wow! one person may be another person’s ‘ew’. Yet while nearly everyone on the planet calls a 90 day fiance cast member on his choice of style, he can firmly be classified as a true fashion failure. 2022 had plenty, and 2023 will likely have even more.

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