The biggest celebrity hair transformations of 2022

Another year calls for another round of sweeping (and fashion-forward) changes to celebrity hairstyles. Whether it’s a premature silver or platinum mane, a custom chop, or a move towards the kind of whimsical funk that turns a transformation into a subversive statement, 2022 has seen plenty of people spruce up their manes. Together, the edits paint a picture of progress, another step towards the lack of eccentricity that is fast becoming the rule rather than the exception of beauty. So bookmark your favorite celebrity looks if you’re looking for ideas for a new hair color or hairstyle, or just want to check out the latest celebrity hair makeover. Here’s the only hair inspiration you need in 2022.

Here is a list of the chicest celebrity hair transformations of 2022

Below is a look at the biggest celebrity hair transformations of 2022.


J.Lo is slowly but surely moving away from her blonde life, as you may have noticed if you’ve followed her Instagram account as closely as we have. Her hair is the darkest we’ve seen in years since her last post, suggesting she’s finally arrived at Mission Brunette.

Kim Kadashian

Kim K’s short caramel blonde hairstyle from 2009 has been sought after by fans for years. The Skims founder finally gave people what they wanted after several months as a golden blonde. Kim recently revealed she’s gone a warm shade of vanilla caramel, which has been called a “moment moment” by her die-hard fans.

Bella Hadid


Bella Hadid has made a U-turn from her signature dark brown hair look and returned to a blonde hair color, just in time for the holidays. Although the model has just unveiled her new creamy color on her Instagram story, we have already started thinking about all the possible new hairstyles.

Cara Delevigné

There’s no denying that Delevingne looks stunning with any hair color you can imagine; that’s what supermodel stardom has to offer. But what about that reddish color of burnt ombre? This is one of the best hair colors to date! In addition to being a completely original shade akin to a “pumpkin spice latte”, it brings out your features wonderfully.

Jenna Ortega

In December 2022, the Wednesday star debuted a trendy hairstyle. Ortega bid farewell to her long locks and welcomed a shaggy layered bob with sophisticated curtain bangs.

Megan Fox

People frequently change their hair color from brunette to blonde, but when Megan Fox does, she chooses a “cheeky but studious Targaryen” color (her words, not ours). Weirdly specific, but Fox clearly had a plan, and she expertly executed it.

Doua Lipa

This year, Dua Lipa made a big hair change, swapping out her dazzling, poker-straight white lengths for her naturally dark brownish-black hair. The “Future Nostalgia” singer attended the 2022 NYC Jingle Ball sporting the legendary look with freshly dyed brown-black hair.

Will you try these hair color trends before you say goodbye to 2022?

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