“The Big Bang Theory”: the article that “Howard Wolowitz” always used but hardly anyone noticed

the popular series “The Big Bang Theory” managed to establish itself as one of the most watched comedies of all American television in its history. Although several years ago new chapters ceased to be produced, the millions of fans continue to remember with nostalgia the hilarious adventures of “Sheldon”, “Penny” and “Howard”. Of course, there is a secret detail of the latter that hardly anyone had noticed until now.

When we name fictions, productions and series from the United States, the comedy directed by Marc Cendrowski it must be yes or yes. And it is that the variety of its characters and stories throughout its 12 seasons has made it “The Big Bang Theory” managed to be one of the most remarkable productions of recent years.

The comedy has managed to win various awards in the “Series” category (Photo: Broadcast)

Of course, her vast history does not free her from the far-fetched theories and double-meaning details that keep generating feelings and emotions among her fans. This time, it’s the turn of Simon Helberg, who brought the charismatic “Howard” to life. Can you guess what it is?

As we know, “Howard” is one of the most cautious characters on a personal level. Her physical appearance, clothes, and outfits are usually very well calculated at all times. In fact, his English hairstyle, as well as his shiny belt buckles, make him stand out in every episode of this beloved series.

But what about the Alien pin that adorns the collar of each of their jerseys? Well, the software engineer always wore one, although hardly anyone knows what it means.

The 42-year-old actor played one of the best friends of "Sheldon" (Photo: CBS)

The 42-year-old actor played one of ‘Sheldon’s’ best friends (Picture: CBS)

For this reason, Simon Helberg himself commented a few years ago on this particular detail in his clothes. Although he did not want to reveal anything, he clarified that nothing is by chance in his outfit. “Only our wardrobe manager and I know the meaning. It’s not dirty, it’s just a juicy secret.

To date, neither the creators nor those responsible for the costumes have provided an answer likely to convince the hundreds of thousands of fans of the series on the planet, so the theories have started to spread like wildfire on social networks.

In fact, one of the craziest theories points out that in season three, “Howard” used an “Alf” doll to remember his father who was abducted by aliens. Is that certain?

Likewise, there are other rumors that this is a reference to the technology company “Alienware”, since “Howard” used a computer of this brand. Will he work there or are these just coincidences? Apparently, we won’t know in the short term.

All 12 seasons of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ are available on Amazon Prime VideoThus, to see the 279 episodes of the sitcom, all you need is a subscription to the streaming platform.

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