The Best K-pop Beauty Moments of 2022

The world of K-pop is absolutely no stranger to high-octane visuals — think dreamy makeup pulls, fiercely loud hair, and gravity-defying manicures. After all, a large part of each idol’s on-stage formula is tied not only to their magnetically choreographed performances and stylish outfits, but also to their impeccably made-up beauty looks. Some might trace its evolution from the mid-2000s, when we first saw caricatures of heavily smoky liners and rainbow-inspired manes, to today where the ethereal adornments of the face and intricate greenhouse work take center stage. .

Often, visuals are key to channeling the nuanced message of a particular concept. Check out (G)I-DLE’s all-blonde sweater for their latest comeback “Nxde,” as they impersonated their muse, Marilyn Monroe, or TXT’s Beomgyu sporting a line of broken hearts on his neck for their music “Good Boy Gone Bad” video. At other times, a fresh hairstyle and make-up are the possible harbinger of an exciting new comeback; just remember that Sunmi debuted her wavy coral tresses on her Instagram account, ahead of the release of her music video for “Heart Burn” earlier this summer. But for the most part? A new experimental aesthetic is the ultimate way to win the hearts of their fans, given the rare, almost fleeting quality of these exceptional moments of beauty.

As we wrap up 2022, we’ve taken the liberty of shortlisting the 22 best beauty assets in the world of K-pop, from the cascading embellishments of Taeyeon’s face to BTS’s Suga’s long, luscious hair and braids inspired by the year 2000 of Jessi encrusted with flowers. See vogue Full overview of Singapore, below.

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