The best Ghost-type Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Wow, what’s behind you? Look for!

We joke. There’s nothing to watch out for, other than the Ghost-type Pokémon you’ll find in Pokemon Scarlet and PurpleThey’re scary, they’re mean, they want revenge, and they’re probably some of the best choices to put on your team right now.

However, some Ghost-type Pokémon were created better than others, which is why we are going to talk about the 10 best Ghost-types in Pokemon Scarlet and Purplebased on their design, tradition and competitive viability.

The 10 best Ghost-type Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

10) Brambleghast

Image via The Pokémon Company

A fairly simple design that’s pretty classically creepy, this possessed piece of tumbleweed gets approval in our books.

Brambleghast isn’t just a neat design, it’s also pretty under-explored in competition Pokemon right now. With his Wind Rider signature ability, he can essentially get a free choice band boost without the inconvenience of the item when Tailwind starts. Add to that a real group of choices, and Brambleghast can suddenly turn into a viable sweeper. Who would have thought.

9) Houndstone

Image via The Pokémon Company

Quite possibly the best undead boy around, Houndstone is a pure Ghost-type Pokemon that boasts a unique mix of traits.

Houndstone is the first Ghost-type Pokemon to get the Sand Rush ability, which allows it to double its speed in Sandstorm weather conditions and activates what is probably its best moveset – a support set with its signature move Final Respects .

He can use moves like Snarl and Will-O-Wisp for a quick early game disruption while you can bring him back into the battlefield after his teammates pass out to let him sweep with Last Respects, a move from base power 50 who gains an additional 50 BP for each of his knocked out allies. Pretty scary.

8) Gengar

Image via The Pokémon Company

It’s always nice to see Pokemon that were introduced way back in Generation I still going strong eight generations later and not being consumed by the forces of power creep. Gengar make strong support ‘my in Scarlet and Purpleand has already won a tournament too.

With various support options such as Taunt, Icy Wind, Disable, Encore, Will-O-Wisp, and Perish Song, coupled with his impressive speed stat, Gengar can support his teammates or cripple the opponent before he can move .

Gengar can also support slower teammates or counter an opponent’s tailwind with Trick Room, giving him versatile speed control options.

7) Spiritomb

Image via The Pokémon Company

Spiritomb has always been recognized by the pros as having potential, but there is just one key element missing to make it truly viable. With his slow speed, good typing, and solid volume, he could have been an excellent Trick Room user in previous generations. Well, in Gen IX, Spiritomb finally has access to this game-changing move.

With Trick Room in his arsenal, Spiritomb can finally support slow teammates with Speed ​​Control and further disable opponents with moves like Snarl, Will-O-Wisp, and Pain Split. With just one weakness in Fairy – which can be fixed with Terrastalization – Spiritomb should be incredibly difficult to knock out of the game.

6) Ceruledge

Image via The Pokémon Company

While it’s up for debate whether Ceruledge or its Armarouge counterpart is better when it comes to competitive use, this badass undead fiery dude with blades for hands is definitely the coolest design and concept. , easily.

While his Fire/Ghost typing gives him a few weaknesses he’d rather not have, it also gives Ceruledge some useful resistances and fantastic immunities to Combat and Normal in particular, meaning he can’t be affected by the Fake Out move, which is very popular in competitive Pokémon.

His signature move Bitter Blade is also the strongest healing move in the games, which is a big plus for Ceruledge.

5) Skeledirge

Image via The Pokémon Company

Ah, at least one starter that isn’t bipedal. We’re sure he himself deserves Skeledirge’s spot on this list, at least according to Pokemon Fans. But Skeledirge is here for other reasons.

While Skeldirge’s defensive typing isn’t the best, it grants him two immunities, one of which makes him immune to Fake Out. This, like all of the other “mons” on this list, gives it increased viability in competitive VGCs, something its rookie counterparts don’t have the privilege of.

Additionally, Skeledirge gets an incredible signature move in Torch Song, a fairly powerful Fire-type move that increases his Special Attack by one level each time it is used. You can either run an offensive set on Skeledirge and aim to sweep with him using Torch Song, or rely on a defensive set with Slack Off for recovery and Torch Song to slowly snowball your damage.

Skeledirge Unaware’s hidden ability also allows it to have a favorable match in all stat boosting strategies in the metagame right now, cementing this undead singing crocodile as a powerful choice in the metagame for the moment.

4) Annihilap

Image via The Pokémon Company

After nine whole generations, Primeape finally gets an evolution, and what a beast of Pokemon we have before us.

Gaining the secondary type in Ghost, Annihilape now conveniently avoids her opponents’ Fake Outs while gaining incredible immunities and resistances. With his phenomenal HP stat, his most obvious set includes the Choice Scarf item and the Final Gambit move, letting him top speed and knock out almost anything in the metagame with a single hit.

But his dormant moveset that includes Annihilape’s signature move, Rage Fist, is also a solid option, allowing him to use Bulk Up to effectively fire punches while powering up Rage Fist to unfathomable heights and healing with Drain. Punch if necessary.

3) Dragapult

Image via The Pokémon Company

Probably one of the best ghost types in the history of the Pokemon franchise, Dragapult once again becomes a top threat in Scarlet and Violet.

This Dragon/Ghost dual-type is incredibly fast and likely moves before anything else in the field. You can’t even disrupt it using Fake Out because its Ghost type makes it immune to normal moves.

It’s also very difficult to discern which set a Dragapult is running at any given time, as they can very easily run a physical or special set given their excellent mixed offensive stats. If he faces an unfavorable match, he can simply turn around and get a more suitable teammate on the battlefield.

Dragapult can also support his teammates with Will-O-Wisp and two screens among other interesting options. You just have to be careful of Dragapult’s low volume, which is pretty justified given how amazing this mon is otherwise.

2) Fluttering Mane

Image via The Pokémon Company

The only Paradox Pokémon on this list, Flutter Mane is what Misdreavus always wanted to be.

This dual-type Ghost/Fairy possesses the Protosynthesis ability, increasing one of its stats in Sun weather conditions or when consuming the Booster Energy held item. This means you can take this ‘mon’ offense to the next level or make it the fastest thing on the pitch. Combined with Fairy Terrastalization and the move Fairy Dazzling Gleam, Flutter Mane can pick up double knockout after knockout before you can realize what happened.

He also has access to great support options in Will-O-Wisp to disable physical attackers, Icy Wind for speed control, Helping Hand to boost his partner, and even Trick Room to support slower teammates.

Flutter Mane is currently not legal in the first season of Ranked Doubles Battles in Scarlet and Purplemuch like the rest of Pokémon Paradox, which is for the best, as we prefer to keep the balance of the metagame intact if we can.

1) Gholdengo

Image via The Pokémon Company

The best thing about this Pokémon is that it’s based on the surfer dude archetype, which is evident in its idle pose and groovy hairstyle. Everything else about this ‘mon’ depends on which side of the field you are on. By that we mean you want Gholdengo on your side of the pitch, for sure.

This pile of gold coins is undoubtedly one of the most powerful forces in the Scarlet and Purple metagame, if not the strongest. Its volume and speed are just decent, but that’s only to try and balance out the rest of Gholdengo’s overpowered components.

With a dominant special attack stat, Gholdengo can strong-fire Make It Rains, his signature steel move with a base power of 120 that knocks both opponents in the field, while lowering his special attack stat. level user. Add to that the Steel Tera type and an offensive item like Choice Specs and you can wipe out the opposing side of the field by scattering a few coins.

Gholdengo’s Steel/Ghost type is also incredibly strong, giving itself a very comfortable defensive position being immune and resistant to a variety of common and threatening types in the metagame. It is also unaffected by Fake Out, which is one of the best utility moves in any doubles game.

Top it all off with one of the game’s most broken abilities in Good as Gold that makes Gholdengo immune to every status move in the game, and you’ve got a ‘mon you should be very, very afraid of. This undoubtedly puts Gholdengo at the top of our list.

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