The best Apex Legends skins of 2022

2022 has been a landmark year for Apex Legends. The game saw four seasons over a 12-month period, each bringing lore expansions, new legends, limited-time modes, balance changes, and more in service of improving the game for everyone. From the end of Season 11, which featured Ash and Storm Point, to the start of Season 15, which featured Catalyst and Broken Moon, 2022 has been a year that won’t be soon forgotten.

As with every other year in the game’s history, the development team at Respawn Entertainment has also released a massive amount of skins through events, battle passes, and the in-game store. Skins are the one of the most popular cosmetics in the game and certainly one of the most visible. To celebrate these fantastic works of art, we’re taking a look at the best skins of 2022 across the board.

Here are the best Summit skins from 2022.

Astral Treasure Loba

Loba wears a glittery black skin.
Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

Some players call this skin one of Loba’s best skins of all time, if not one of the best skins in the game. Astral Treasure is part of the Season 15 Battle Pass Tier 1 premium reward, and it’s almost worth the price of admission on its own, notwithstanding other cosmetic products. It’s hard to see in a still image, but the flecks of light on the pants and sleeves of the skin are animated and run through the pastel colors of the rainbow. Although this is only an epic rarity skin, it easily ranks on this year’s best skins list.

Jewel of Olympus Horizon

Horizon wears a golden armored skin.
Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

Upon release, Jewel of Olympus made some players stop and ask, “Who is this legend? The shimmering gold skin completely changes the look of Horizon into something both high-tech and classy. Released during the Season 12 Warriors Collection event, it’s a nice change of pace from the mecha and armor-themed skins that make up the majority of other Legendary Astronaut cosmetics. We hope Respawn will use this skin as inspiration for other Horizon skins and similar skins for other Legends in the future.

Broseidon Rocket

Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

Horizon wasn’t the only legend to get their best skin ever this year. Broseidon transforms Fuse into a grizzled veteran version of the Greek mythological figure, complete with rows of mines rather than grenades and pointed trident-shaped boots. It’s really the beard that makes the skin look great, though: Fuse is no stranger to “silver fox” skins, but this one takes it in a whole new direction. Broseidon was originally available as part of the Dark Depths themed event, but to this day is still available for purchase with crafting metals.

Wattson static peak

Wattson wears an orange punk skin.
Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

Static Spike is not a new skin design; instead, it’s a Halloween-themed recolor of Cyber ​​Punked, a season four Wattson battle pass skin that remains a community favorite. This skin also received a lot of love during the 2022 iteration of Fight or Fright, where it was introduced. He adds creepy cobwebs to the collar of Wattson’s jacket and gives him orange and black striped bottoms rather than the pink shin guards of the original skin. It’s an adorable skin in its own right and a great way to update a hard-to-find classic.

Distrust Medic Lifeline

Lifeline wears a black and purple thief skin.
Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

Mischief Medic Lifeline is a unique skin. Rather than being released at an event or as part of a Battle Pass, it was sold in the Summit store after the release of the Family Business Stories from the Outlands video in Season 13. Mischief Medic recreates Lifeline’s outfit from the heist in the video, complete with her purple Flyer Liars sweatshirt and Octane-like night vision goggles . It is a testimony of how SummitThe world of stories, videos, and gameplay is intensely interconnected, and it’s also just fabulous skin.

Breaking the Loba law

Loba wears brown and orange skin.
Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

Normally, one would avoid putting two skins for the same Legend on this list, but excluding Breaking the Law would be, well, a crime. This legendary skin was the premium reward for reaching level 50 in the Season 12 Battle Pass. Since Battle Pass skins are generally not reissued in their original form after their initial season ends, this skin is now very hard to find. The skin gives Loba a sleek new hairdo and adorns her in relatively understated black armor – a chance for pace for the normally ostentatious character. Even a few seasons after its release, Breaking the Law remains one of Loba’s most popular skins.

sea-foot octane

Octane wears a pirate-themed One Piece-inspired skin.
Screenshot via Respawn Entertainment

Who could forget the fun of the Season 13 Gaiden event? All of his legendary skins, including the excellent Sea Legs, were based on popular anime characters. This Octane skin is inspired by A playis Monkey D. Luffy, and it’s not hard to see the inspiration: Sea Legs’ straw hat, red vest, and denim shorts make him look amazingly like the show’s protagonist. Summit has referenced other elements of popular culture in some of its other skins before, but Gaiden was the first time the team really got into the references – and it paid off.

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