The 12 Best Hair Caps To Buy In 2023

best hair caps 2022

London silk

I can’t pinpoint exactly when I started sleeping with scarves and hair caps at night, but I can tell you they’re still undefeated for holding back my curls, braids, and blowouts. The best hair bonnets in particular look like silk and satin force fields that protect hair while you sleep, minimizing frizz and overnight snags that can contribute to breakage. Although anyone can wear a cap, it is often used to protect fine, curly, and natural hair types.

“Similar to a scarf or a silk scarf, the bonnets help your hair retain moisture, prevent frizz and extend the life of your hairstyle while you sleep since those textures glide over them seamlessly,” celebrity hairstylist and author of All hair is good hair Annagjid “Kee” Taylor recounts “They also allow the hair to have plenty of room for your curls to hold their shape and maintain your overall look a little longer.”

To make it easier to find an essential that suits your style and desired headspace, read on to discover the best beanies to add to your nighttime routine.

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Best Versatile Hair Cap

Grace Eleya

All Silk Turban

Best Adjustable Hair Cap

Bridgerton x kitsch

XL floral satin bonnet

Best Vegan Satin Hair Bonnet

Kristin Ess Hair

Satin bonnet

Best Broadband Hood


Wide-brimmed satin bonnet Black

Best Non Slip Hair Cap


Non-slip satin bonnet

Most stylish hair cap

London silk

silk hair wrap

Best beanie for curly hair


Satin bonnet

Best Reversible Hair Cap

Organic Honey

Reversible satin bonnet

Best Hair Cap for Locs and Braids


Long satin bonnet

Best beanie for short hair

To glide

Pure silk turban

Best beanie for fine thinning hair

become gorgeous

Satin bonnet

Best 100% silk beanie



What are the benefits of wearing a hair cap?

In addition to helping to preserve hairstyles for longer, the best beanies also minimize frizz and prevent snags while you sleep. They are usually available with a silk or satin fabric, which is beneficial in helping hair retain moisture and shine.

What hair types should wear beanies?

Although anyone can wear a bonnet, it is most often used to protect and strengthen curly, frizzy or fine hair. We recommend wearing one of these beauty essentials every night after applying your conditioner for ultimate hydration.

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