Tekken 8 Shows Off Battle Heat System And Rage Arts

Tekken 8 unveiled a new trailer during The Game Awards last week, with the game focusing on an epic showdown between father and son Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima. The tagline for this eighth entry sums it up perfectly: Fist Meets Fate. Subsequently, more information was detailed via Tekken 8 Executive Producer Katsuhiro Harada.

In Tekken 8, players will be treated to a more dynamic battle scene destruction system, with Unreal Engine 5 used to display impressive visual effects. But it’s not just a cosmetic change as the developer explained that as the stages change, such as the enlargement, it will have an effect on the gameplay. Still, graphically, it looks like a big upgrade over the previous game. Avid Tekken fighters will want to know more about the new combat features and here we can read about the Heat System, Rage Art, and more (via IGN).


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First, let’s talk about Paul’s new look. The American brawler sports a different hairstyle in the Tekken 8 trailer, which is already dividing fans, but Harada has confirmed that Mr. Phoenix’s skyscraper hairstyle will be available in the customization options. So don’t worry, Paul fans!

Next, Harada talked a bit about the new “Heat” combat system. While the trailer showed characters like Jin getting heat using certain moves, the producer clarified that the system will use a wider variety of moves and won’t be limited to certain special moves – that’s how was shown in the trailer. While Harada also mentioned the “cost” of ensuring players can still move around looking cool with their battle visuals on dynamic stages, which refers to the way these games are developed. and the technical resources used and prioritized.

While Tekken fans will know Harada is usually a Mishima or Kazama player, and almost never King, Harada said he’s much more likely to choose King in the new game simply because of acquired abilities or powers. through the Heat system. But the game’s developers are keeping their cards close to their chest on this one, as more specific details haven’t been revealed. Just know that the Heat system will promote aggression in the game.

Players will have to wait longer until we hear more, but it’s a tantalizing prospect for fans of the King of Iron Fist Tournament. In other news, Harada recently announced that Tekken 7 has surpassed 10 million copies sold, which is quite a feat.

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