Teen mom Farrah Abraham slammed for shocking treatment of two dogs in new video

TEEN Mom fans have slammed Farrah Abraham for her treatment of her two dogs after she shared a video showing off their haircuts.

The star shared a clip in which she was soaking up the sun with her beloved pooches.

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham left fans shocked at the way she treats her dogs


Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham left fans shocked at the way she treats her dogsCredit: Instagram / Farrah Abraham
The star took to Instagram to show off her pets' colorful hair


The star took to Instagram to show off her pets’ colorful hairCredit: Instagram / Farrah Abraham

Farrah, 31, took to her Instagram story on Thursday to discuss some of the mental health content she’s been sharing recently and discuss her wellbeing.

Fans were distracted by her dogs, both of whom sported bold new looks.

“Check out Billionaire’s haircut and Cupcake’s hair too,” she gushed, revealing their blue and purple dyed fur.

The billionaire appeared to have patches of blue fur all over his body while Cupcake rocked purple patches.

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Farrah assured her followers, “Dogs have better hair care and haircuts than adults now. It’s amazing.”

Critics weren’t convinced, however, with many taking to a Teen Mom message board to criticize her for dying her pets’ hair.

Comments under the thread were quickly filled with fans bashing the controversial former MTV star.


One wrote: “I’m sorry, I don’t think dogs that die of fur are cute at all…put a little jumper or shirt on them of course! Take them to the groomer to get their fur trimmed, do it! Dying a dog…like whyyyyyy?”

“I don’t condone tincture, vegan or not,” another reviewer commented.

Someone else added: ‘I think a little dog-safe dye is the least of those poor animals’ problems.’

“She’s never satisfied with anything. You always have to fuck shit to make it ‘better’. She’s not natural, so why would anything else under her control be?” ” a fourth hater wrote.


Meanwhile, fans were buzzing over another detail about Farrah: her hair.

After the star shared a promotional video for hair care products, many wondered if her hair was a wig or a more permanent style.

Farrah recently debuted a new hairstyle that featured baby bangs that barely covered her forehead.

The bangs seem to make an oval on her head rather than being straight and her entire hairline is covered with it.

Teen Mom fans recently took to Reddit to discuss the look.

One Reddit user commented, “I feel like she’s wearing a headdress or something. The colors don’t match very well if you look at the side of her hair.”

Someone said, “That looks like a wig to me,” and another user agreed.

Another person said: “I really feel like this look only makes sense if she accidentally lit her hair on fire and then tried to cut around the fire damage or temporarily wear a wig ridiculously bad/cheap partial up front….”

Some Reddit users didn’t think it was a wig at all. They thought it was a horrible accident or a huge mistake.

Someone said: “Heat shot: but I’m pretty sure that’s the actual length of most of her hair (it’s probably longer in the back). She’s been bleached for so long I can absolutely imagine the damage that broke his hair (or a lot) that short.”

Another said: “I’m sorry but she looks like a little girl who discovered scissors and got her bangs.”

This user shared their personal experience and said, “So, uh… my bangs actually caught fire (I got a third degree burn on my forehead) – and that’s 100% to what they looked like.”


After Farrah took to Instagram to promote a mental health clinic, fans raved about her appearance.

One fan wrote in the comments section, “Those fillers and injections,” along with a slapping emoji.

Another commented: “Love Farrah. But someone close to her needs to talk to her about her cheeks.”

“I can’t even listen to the convo without thinking what she did to her beautiful natural face?” another fan lamented.

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One fan defended her, writing, “She really talks about mental health and people criticize her about her looks. That’s why people have mental health issues!!”

Farrah admitted to having had several plastic surgeries in the past.

Fans were divided over the idea, with some worried about the dogs


Fans were divided over the idea, with some worried about the dogsCredit: Instagram / Farrah Abraham
Meanwhile, fans have been talking about Farrah's own hair and whether it's a wig.


Meanwhile, fans have been talking about Farrah’s own hair and whether it’s a wig.Credit: Instagram/farrahabraham
There was also buzz about Farrah's charges and whether she went too far


There was also buzz about Farrah’s charges and whether she went too farCredit: cameo

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