Tank tops are essential in every girl’s closet

Tank tops are essential in every girl's closet

The iconic and well-known tank top is a “must-have” in any girl’s wardrobe as it can be worn virtually anywhere and for any occasion. A girl can wear it alone, with her favorite cropped pants while shopping, at the movies with stylish skinny jeans, or even at the beach with a gorgeous skirt or current shorts. A girl can sport a sophisticated, professional appearance without sacrificing a sense of style by grabbing the cardigan or jacket, slipping on the pencil skirt, donning the stilettos and, of course, wearing the go-to outfit: the tank top. By adding a belt to the tank top and wearing it with a flowing skirt while wearing the clutch and the authentic Manolo Blahniks, the City popularized them.

The stylists who believed in the piece did not see it as just a sleeveless shirt, but imagined a state of mind, a kind of mood indicator and an exciting new fashion trend, which gave a new life to clothing this season. The trend of wearing tank tops is becoming very popular over time, and anyone can consider going for it.

Its name is derived from the men’s swimsuit called a “swim tank top” which was popular around the turn of the 20th century. This term was also used to designate the conventional swimming pool. The term tank top was the correct one to refer to the swimsuit, although it was not used until the swimming pool was defined as such.

Think again if a girl thinks tank tops are just boring; there are many ways to style, embellish and impress everyone with the top. Layering different colored spaghetti strap tops on top of each other is a popular fashion trend right now. A girl can do the same with tank tops; they can even have different cuts for a more unique look. A key aspect of tank top attire is that wearing a bra is acceptable, having loose straps on the arm is stylish.

Bangles, charming bracelets, and traditional chains can all relate to the personality you’re trying to convey with the outfit. For example, a wide wooden bracelet and a long pearl necklace would look ideal with a white tank top, boho-chic beige skirt and gladiator-style ballerina shoes. In a fashionable outfit, pairing black with black or white with white might even make a girl look like a country club socialite. If a girl knows how to use it, a basic shirt can do wonders; a girl can wear the same one every day and no one will notice.

Any type of embellishment including patches, beads, buttons, gemstones or anything else that will make the black tank top stand out from the crowd can be embroidered on the tank tops. Without a new hairstyle, a makeover is not complete. Visit the salon and treat yourself to a complete makeover, always wearing confidence first.

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