Sustainable dresses for an eco-responsible fashion moment

Sustainable dresses
Sophie Hirsh - Author

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: when it comes to shopping, opportunity is always the best. And that’s not just because it’s more affordable, it’s also better for the planet, because you’re essentially removing a garment from the waste stream, rather than creating demand for new resources.

But for all those times when you need a new dress, for whatever reason, there are a number of pretty durable fashion companies that make fashionable and classic dresses.

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Keep reading to discover some of our favorite sustainable places to buy dresses, whether for a wedding, at work or anywhere in between, at varying prices.


Sustainable dresses √ČTICA

Source: ETICA

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Reformation is a go-to destination for high-quality dresses for all occasions, including work, brunch, and fancy events. The enduring fashion brand even sells wedding dresses – and if you’ve attended a wedding in the past few years, chances are you’ve seen a woman wearing the hugely popular Juliet dress.

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The company is primarily online, but also has a few stores in major cities. Reformation offers fashionable yet timeless dresses in solid colors and statement patterns, and uses materials like organic cotton, viscose/rayon and linen. That said, the brand also offers a few styles that use silk, cashmere, and other non-vegan materials, so be sure to watch out for that if you’re not buying animal products.

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Autumn Adeigbo

Autumn Adeigbo is the fashion designer behind her eponymous black women-owned fashion line. She and her colorful brand “are dedicated to positively impacting the lives of women of all cultures by utilizing female-owned production facilities in the United States and providing artisans around the world with meaningful employment and wages.” fair”.

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Some of Autumn Adeigbo’s sustainable practices that help reduce its waste include purchasing materials in limited quantities and making all clothing to order. The brand also sources 90% of its fabrics from countries that pay workers decent wages.

Autumn Adeigbo’s stunning dress designs are all eye-catching, unique and ultra-elegant, using luxury fabrics and unique silhouettes. Just be sure to place your order at least five weeks before your event, as the company needs time to manufacture your garment from scratch.

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Christy Dawn

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Founded by vegan designer Vanni Leung, Valani is a vegan and biodegradable fashion brand, which uses natural materials such as banana viscose (a vegan alternative to silk made from discarded banana stems), hemp and cotton. Tencel.

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The Asian- and women-owned brand also dyes its fabrics with low-impact, non-toxic dyes; manufactures its garments in Chicago and a GOTS-certified factory in India; and uses hemp, jute and recycled materials to package orders.

Valani’s dress designs are inspired by nature and can easily be dressed up or down for an effortless look for any occasion.

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