Superman Fan Art Sees Euphoria’s Jacob Elordi Replace Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel

The DC Extended Universe is going through major changes, thanks to the new roles of Peter Safran and James Gunn as co-CEOs. They are currently working out a new direction for the shared universe, which should be more consistent than in recent years. One of the shocking new decisions came with the news that Henry Cavill wouldn’t be returning as Superman after all. But there are apparently plans for a new man of steel actor, and some DC fan art see Euphoria star Jacob Elordi replaces Cavill in that role.

Following Henry Cavill’s departure as Superman became official, James Gunn clarified on Twitter that it’s still very important for the character to be included in the DCEU. As such, fans are wondering who could take over next, and there are a number of popular theories already circulating online. One name that’s been thrown around is Jacob Elordi, and we can see what he might look like as the Last Son of Krypton thanks to fan art from instagram. Check it out below:

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