Straighteners at less than Rs 500: our main recommendations

When it comes to straightening your hair, salon visits end up costing you dearly and sometimes being inconvenient. This is where straightening irons come in. A powerful straightening iron can help you create a smooth, sleek style, no matter the length of your hair. With hair straighteners that have less heat up time and are usually coated with ceramic plating, it becomes very easy to achieve salon straight hair at home. However, buying a budget hair straightener which also works wonderfully is no small feat.
There are many excellent hair straighteners out there that cost exorbitantly and are likely to put a big dent in your pocket when buying them. Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered. We have created a list of some of the best and most effective hair straighteners for less than Rs.500 that will give you your dream hair without causing much damage to your hair or your pockets.

COEASE® Women Beauty Mini professional hair straightener specially designed for teenagers

The Coease Women Beauty Mini Professional Selfie Hair Straightener is one of the best straighteners under Rs.500 specially designed for teenagers. It has ceramic tourmaline plates that help pull your hair smoothly without damaging it. The best part is that you can also use this affordable hair straightener to even curl your hair. This also has the auto shut off option to ensure temperature control and prevent any kind of overheating. It is very resistant and extremely light so that it can be carried everywhere with you.

Nova NHS 860 Hair Straightener (Black)

The Nova NHS 860 straightener has rapid heating technology that can be ready for use in just 60 seconds. Heat balance technology ensures your hair won’t be damaged by too much heat. It is extremely easy to transport as it is light, has a locking function and is not too big. It is one of the most popular hair straighteners under Rs.500 with a unique floating plate which helps to cater to individual hair strands. The best part is that it also has a one-year warranty.
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Nova NHS – 840 Women’s Selfie Straightener

If you are looking for a straightener on a budget, get the Nova selfie straightener for women. Its rapid heat technology ensures that you can use the straightener about a minute after turning it on. Your hair is protected from any kind of heat damage thanks to its amazing heat balance technology. It is one of the most affordable hair straighteners that is not only lightweight but has a very sleek design. You can be assured of an even, fast style and be ready to go out in no time.

BRITSPEAR Electric Hair Straightener Brush

The Britspear is one of the best hair straighteners under Rs.500. It has an anti-scald design that helps your scalp and protects it from damage. It also has a flame retardant plastic frame that helps you protect your hair from every possible angle. The best part about this straightener is that it automatically shuts off after 30 minutes, which means even if you forget to turn your straightener off, you don’t have to worry about it burning anything around it. you. All you have to do is apply a light stroke and see how straight your hair looks. Comb brush technology makes it easy to smooth and cover more layers at once.

SKMEI SK-328 Professional hair straightener

The SKMEI professional hair straightener was made with good quality materials and can achieve different hairstyles very easily. It heats up very quickly in just about 30 seconds, so you can easily straighten your hair in minimal time. It has a ceramic coating which makes it safe and smooth when it comes to straightening your hair. It also comes with a 360° rotating cord, which means you can style your hair from different angles without any problem.

Stoveorama straightening brush

The Stovearoma straightener is one of the best straighteners under Rs 500. It heats up in just about 20 seconds which makes the whole straightening process very fast. It features Ceramic Heater Technology (PTC), which means more hair can be covered and even the heater is there. The best part is that it is compatible with voltages from 110V to 220V which makes it very convenient to take along for your travels, all you will need is a conversion plug when traveling abroad.

Lifelong LLPCW12 professional hair straightener with ceramic plates and fast heating

The Lifelong LLPCW12 hair straightener is a great budget hair straightener that delivers salon-smooth hair without breaking the bank. The best part is that this hair straightener heats up in no time and has a long cord that gives you flexibility and comfort while using it. It is lightweight which makes it very easy to carry on your travels and is one of the best straighteners under Rs.500.
Frequently asked questions about hair straighteners under Rs 500:

  1. Can I use a straightener daily?
    Although straighteners are great for your hair by giving you a sleek and stylish look, it is generally advised not to use them daily in order to protect your hair from heat damage.
  2. How to protect your hair from heat damage when using a straightener?
    Make sure you buy a straightener that has a ceramic coating with this you can also use a hair serum before applying the straightener to your hair so there is less damage done.
  3. Can men use a straightener?
    Yes, it is completely acceptable for men to use a straightener and get the type of hairstyle they are looking for. There are many straighteners under Rs 500 if you don’t want to make a heavy investment.

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