“Sometimes it has to snap” Lukas Podolski with an irritating statement about violence on the RTL show

On Friday, Lukas Podolski spoke to Oliver Geissen and Ilka Bessin about the Oscar scandal surrounding Will Smith on “the ultimate chart show” – it turned out to be quite a one-sided discussion. And sometimes irritating statements.

Together with his guests, Oliver Geissen wanted to choose the most successful songs of this year with the number “Best of 2022”. Among others, actress Ilka Bessin (51) and professional footballer Lukas Podolski (37) were invited.

Of course, the RTL broadcast was not only about the musical achievements of 2022 – they also wanted to review the most important events in politics, business and society together.

Of course, the subject was also the Oscar scandal around American actor Will Smith (54). This resulted in a discussion between Oliver Geissen and his guests – and consequently irritating statements from everyone involved.

We remember it: In March 2022, the annual Oscar ceremony took place in Los Angeles. Actor Will Smith caused outrage when he punched comedian Chris Rock in the face on stage.

He previously made a joke about the hairstyle of Will Smith’s wife, who is suffering from hair loss due to an illness. For Will Smith, the verbal applause rained down from all sides. So many people understood his anger, but not the outburst of violence.

For example, American singer Mandy Moore (38) called the action “toxic nonsense.” Actor Mark Hamill (71) even called it “the ugliest Oscar moment ever”. Will Smith himself later apologized for the incident, calling his behavior “shocking, painful and inexcusable”.

In the “ultimate chart show”, however, there was hardly any criticism of Will Smith. Instead, Lukas Podolski only said: “Once in a while it just has to snap. Sometimes someone deserves it too.

There was no objection from Oliver Geissen – he compared the whole situation to a football game: “Sometimes you have to take a step back, otherwise you get a red card. He has it now.

He also said, “But it’s not like I don’t understand.” And Ilka Bessin immediately questioned the authenticity of the whole incident.

“He thought too long before getting up,” the comedian said. His conclusion: “It was a show!” An opinion shared by Lukas Podolski.

Ilka Bessin followed somewhat halfheartedly: “We are all against violence, it must be said, but…” She did not go any further, because Lukas Podolski interrupted her: “Sometimes you have to it makes noise! And with that, the topic was again irrelevant.

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