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Jony Hairdesigner, a former K24, Kameme TV and makeup artist and hairstylist Selina from Maisha Magic East took to social media on December 14, 2022 to claim that gospel singer Linet Munyali, popularly known as Size 8 Reborn , had canceled a date with him for allegedly being gay.

Taking to Instagram, Jony questioned why Size 8, who also doubles as a pastor, thought he was gay while shading his marriage and how her husband DJ Mo was exposed for the supposedly unfaithful and she always stayed by his side. even though he was a sinner.

“True story like, the so-called ‘gospel ladies’ apparently canceled me on the basis that I’m ‘gay’ from the things I post here.

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Jony Hairdresser
Jony Hairdresser

“I am a believer in Christ and one thing I know is that God is just and loving. He has supported and lifted me up all my life, so if someone doesn’t want to associate with sinners, they might as well leave their adulterous partner.

The real question though, is how can you judge someone’s sexuality? This is “Class A hypocrisy”. And you should all be ashamed. I understand that we all have preferences, but let it be work-related, my delivery of the work! Kwanza who said I was gay? Instagram is tricky,” Jony posted.

Jony posts videos on Instagram and TikTok of himself dressed in head-to-toe women’s clothing, makeup and hairstyle included.

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Jony Hairdresser
Jony Hairdresser

He also hopped on TikTok where he continued to blast size 8 and another woman named Ndanu. Priscilla Ndanu is one of the hosts of a podcast she hosts with Size 8 which airs on YouTube.

“My message to Size 8, Ndanu and others. Seek forgiveness. All of us, including you, are sinners. Don’t think you’ll see heaven, especially how critical you are. You hypocrites! Play God! Pretending you’re a good person,” Jony said in a TikTok video where he synced audio from a Maisha Magic show.

He captioned the video saying, “We are all sinners and God’s mercy is new every morning… Don’t judge because you’re not perfect. What work of God are you doing if you push people away? May God forgive you.

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Size 8
Size 8

Nairobi News contacted Jony by phone about the alleged incident, but our calls went unanswered as of this writing. Several of his social media followers reacted to the alleged incident, as pictured below:

“Wow, that’s not what Jesus would do,” said Dennis Karuri, a makeup artist who also dresses like a woman.

“The right to another believer’s time and access to ni mbaya. @jony_hairdesigner you as a pot call the black kettle. Nor would Jesus act like you just did. Miss Tnm Ke added.

“I think to them to use a gay person would seem like they’re agreeing with or promoting something that’s unbiblical. And so yes Jesus loves sinners but he didn’t nurture sin See how he got people out of the church. So maybe that’s something both sides should think about… I can still love you but I don’t agree with your ways” , said Sabina Stadler.

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“Honestly, stop forcing people to accept all of you. Certainly, choices have consequences. Brands are free to like you or dislike you based on how you present yourself!” Added Relaxvii.

Among the biggest Kenyan celebrities Jony has worked with is actress Catherine Kamau when he designed his signature hairstyle for the Wakanda Forever 2 movie premiere held in Kenya a few weeks ago.

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