See Kate Beckinsale take a selfie in super tight shorts and combat boots

By James Brizuela | Published

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale isn’t one to shy away from some rather inventive outfits, especially when sharing them on her social media pages, and she’s done just that once again on her Instagram. The fan-favorite actress has posted a new image of her new outfit, which includes super tight shorts and combat boots. Her combat boots are high in nature, and we don’t know if they were given as gifts by the people she tagged in the post below, but they look great on her.

Another odd occurrence in the image above is that Kate Beckinsale is standing next to what appears to be a puffer jacket, but that jacket also appears to be part of the furniture in the background. Still, no matter what happens in the picture, it has already racked up over 56,000 likes. The nearly 1,000 comments also speak for how amazing the actress looks in her outfit, and we’d have to agree with all of those adoring comments.

Kate Beckinsale also looks like she’s got a new hairstyle, which honestly looks just as spectacular on her. We don’t know if this new hairstyle is the one she’s adopted for her many new movie parts to come, but we sure hope she keeps it. Beckinsale just appeared in prisoner’s daughterwhere she took on the role of Maxine, a woman whose father (played by Brian Cox) gets out of prison and tries to reconnect with her.

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Kate Beckinsale is also one of many people on the set for El Tonto, which is Charlie Day’s directorial debut. Day, Ray Liotta, Travis Fimmel, John Malkovich, Jason Sudeikis, Adrien Brody, Katherine McNamara, Glenn Howerton and more join Beckinsale in this comedic adventure. The movie is currently wrapped and is due out in early 2023, which would mean we could see a trailer in the coming weeks.

Kate Beckinsale could also have the short hairstyle because she is the star of Black Canary, which is a film that sees the woman return to her ass-kicking ways, as she takes on the role of an agent fleeing her own country. Beckinsale portrays Avery Graves, a woman set up and blackmailed by her own country. Graves must now fight to clear her name and save her husband, who was also kidnapped as part of the blackmail scheme to ruin her.

Kate Beckinsale always looks like she can take on the world, and it’s something that’s always echoed in her social media posts. We certainly wouldn’t want to be the recipients of the elevated combat boots she wears, especially with all the training she likely engages in for the previously mentioned roles of being the leading lady who has to get herself out of every situation. . Beckinsale looks amazing, and we can’t wait to see her in her upcoming projects.

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