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Seattle rookie police officer Daniel Perez Puga, 25, received a 15-day suspension for threatening to puncture his ex-girlfriend’s tires and a series of alleged DV incidents in 2020 and 2021, according to a report released Thursday by the SPD watchdog.

The report cites a text from Puga warning her against a family trip. The woman wrote that she didn’t want to run out of memories with her son, to which Puga replied, “Yes you will. You won’t go. I will puncture your tires.”

The woman also alleged that Puga repeatedly assaulted her. In interviews with the Office of Police Accountability, the woman called the relationship “toxic.” She portrayed Puga as jealous and controlling, particularly regarding the way she wore her hair.

According to the report, Puga objected to his “space buns” hairstyle, which he called “slutty”. In one of the text messages, Puga wrote, “You about to fuck the hell out of that hair. Hair done Make Up Lashes Toes and nails. Yeah who the f*** are you trynna impression. I’ I’m ripping that shit off the next time I see you.”

The woman told OPA that Puga did just that in the spring of 2021. According to the report, she said he told her she “wasn’t allowed to do her hair that way.” She said he tore one of the buns out of her hair and tried to grab the other.

In September 2020, the woman said Puga “grabbed her by the arm, pushed her against the passenger door, causing her head to hit the passenger window three times.” She produced a photo from her phone showing visible bruising on her arm dated September 15, 2020, according to the OPA report.

In a separate incident, the woman said Puga became furious when he saw her wearing her hair in a bun again during a video call and demanded she come to his flat. When the woman refused because she was scared, he allegedly forced her to come by threatening to reveal an embarrassing secret, she said.

The woman said she didn’t want to get out of the car for fear he would hurt her, and he responded by saying, “Yes, I will hurt you.” She also recounted other incidents where Puga wouldn’t allow her to leave and she felt scared because her SPD-issued firearm was on the dresser within easy reach.

In his interview with OPA investigators, Puga attributed the woman’s bruising to “passing out”. He admitted to sending the texts but maintains that the arguments were “entirely verbal”. He noted that he never followed through on his threat to have his tires punctured.

The Kirkland Police Department investigated the woman’s domestic violence allegations, but the Kirkland City Attorney declined the charges, citing lack of independent corroboration outside of text and photos.

The OPA wrote that the decision to support the allegations was a ‘close call’, but the agency ultimately concluded that the preponderance of evidence showed Puga broke the law when he threatened to slash his ex’s tires -girlfriend and tear her buns.

The statements created a “reasonable apprehension” that he would carry out the threats, meeting the definition of stalking under Washington law. The OPA said it could not prove the assault allegations, but acknowledged the woman’s account was “plausible” and “partially corroborated” by the texts and images.

Puga is a relatively recent hire and was a trainee officer at the time of the incidents. Two other Seattle police officers are currently being investigated for similar conduct. Ofc. Andrew Swartz is being investigated for allegedly harassing and harassing his ex-girlfriend in Snohomish County.

Ofc. Rosa Lopez-Ojeda was in vacations since 2020 for allegedly assaulting his significant other, also a police officer, at the home of another SPD officer.

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