Savannah Chrisley squints, finds her daughter

Savannah Chrisley puckers up and finds her lens. This has some fans wondering if she changed teams. She shared a photo of herself pressing her lips against a woman. Keep reading to learn more and see the photo for yourself.

Chrisley knows best the star shares her fun day

As TV shows Previously reported, Savannah Chrisley shared her fun day earlier this week. She shook things up when she showed off her bold new look. The platinum blonde beauty wore a bright green turtleneck with an emerald green blazer. Some fans assumed she was on a date. Savannah was sitting outside a restaurant that had outdoor seating.

Savanna Chrisley [Unlocked | YouTube]
[Unlocked | YouTube]

In her Instagram Stories, Savannah Chrisley got fussy with a brunette woman. the Chrisley knows best The star shared that she finally found her daughter. Savannah wore the same look as in her previous Instagram Stories. She puckered as she posed next to the woman who also puckered her lips.

Looks like they’re just good friends. Savannah spends most of her time with her friends, country singer Rae Lynn and her best friend and main sidekick Chadd. She also has some other friends she hasn’t seen in a while now. Savannah wrote on her Instagram Stories that she’s finally “back with my daughter” known as Emily Jimison Palmer.

Savannah Chrisley & Emily [Savannah Chrisley | Instagram Stories]
[Savannah Chrisley | Instagram Stories]

His Instagram is set to private. However, it seems she shares something in common with Savannah. Emily works in the beauty industry. She tagged Seven Cosmetics in her Instagram bio. As fans already know, Savannah has a growing beauty empire, but has focused on her new Unblocked podcast.

Savannah Chrisley is in love with her friends

Savannah Chrisley shared even more moments with her friends on her Instagram stories. On Friday, December 16, she shared a selfie of herself in a gray cardigan with a black turtleneck and a large beige hat. She sat down with her best friend Chadd, who looked at her adoringly. He wore a brown plaid shirt and a black T-shirt with a matching hat.

The TV personality also included a snapshot of her friend Emily. She wore a black fur jacket and a navy blue shirt with light jeans. Emily looked at Savannah with a loving gaze. Savannah wrote: “I mean….” She is obviously in love with her friends.

Savannah Chrisley with her friends [Savannah Chrisley | Instagram Stories]
[Savannah Chrisley | Instagram Stories]

Savannah Chrisley had fans who thought she had a new boyfriend. She took a photo of herself with her friend and celebrity hairstylist Justin Anderson. The two looked so cozy that fans wondered if she was gently launching a new beau. She loves to stir up the social media post when it comes to her love life.

What do you think of Savannah Chrisley puckering up as she reunites with her daughter? Sound off below in the comments section.

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