Sarah Nicole Landry Speaks ‘From the Heart’ About Weight Loss

Sarah Nicole Landry is candid about losing weight as the New Year approaches.  (Photo via @thebirdspapaya on Instagram)

Sarah Nicole Landry is candid about losing weight as the New Year approaches. (Photo via @thebirdspapaya on Instagram)

Sarah Nicole Landry isn’t letting the new year ruin her self-esteem.

On Tuesday, the Canadian influencer – also known as The Birds Papaya – took to Instagram to share a recent photo of herself wearing a set of nude colored underwear, with her long wavy hair hanging over her shoulders . The Guelph, Ont., native also included a side-by-side comparison of two photos of herself showing how her body has changed over time.

Alongside the snaps, the body positivity advocate added a candid “heartfelt” caption about her weight loss and self-esteem.

“Because that time of year is approaching. Where everything we feel neutral or even good for in ourselves, we will begin to question. What we eat. How we move. How we dress. Our size Our value Our very being Am I doing enough Am I “good enough” The hardest part of weight loss for me wasn’t losing weight. heartbreaking reality that the weight loss didn’t do what I expected,” she wrote in her caption.

Landry went on to explain that her weight loss hasn’t made her feel happy, satisfied, or confident in her body, or make her feel “more worthy of being in this world.”

She added that she had imposed major restrictions to achieve her weight loss.

“I did it because I wanted to be more present in my life and with my children, and yet I slowly became more isolated as my body surveillance and food fears took over,” she explained. . “I was crying watching my family enjoy movie and pizza night as I made a side salad with spray dressing so I didn’t accidentally spill too many calories. I was tired. Exhausted. Moody.

“Hating ourselves happy just doesn’t work. Is this all some big distraction ploy to keep us small and keep us quiet? I wonder every day. I don’t know if I’ll ever be happy with my body. Slim or thick, it feels weird to try. It’s changing right now. It’s going to do it a thousand times.”

Landry then shared how focusing on the present has helped her achieve more in life.

“I’ve achieved more by actively leaning into the present instead of shaming it and chasing after tomorrow. Then I give thanks to the versions of me that got me here. Against all odds,” he said. she writes. “January 1st won’t change anything, except another day to choose love, another day to show off. Feed her. Move her. Dress her. Another day to be able to live in *this* body. However , she offers me that day.”

Other stars and social media fans expressed their support for Landry in the comments to her post, with many sharing how much they resonated with her words.

“You are an amazing human. Thank you for sharing in such a vulnerable way for others. You are such a gift to humanity,” commented hairstylist Sarai Speer.

“I love you and your voice. We are made better by your boldness in this space,” author and blogger Jessica N. Turner wrote.

“This is beautiful,” influencer Mik Zazon wrote, alongside a red heart emoji.

“I love it. This. I always used to say at the start of my weight loss journey that ‘I won’t stop until my stomach is completely flat’ (eye roll),” added a fan. “But having a flat stomach didn’t do anything for me. Hating yourself doesn’t work. You’re so right.”

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